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New to head-fi - looking for amps - spoiled by having heard some really good gear but having somewhat of a budget...

  1. jollybob
    Hello all! I step into the world of actually posting on head-fi! I've been reading and enjoying posts for a long time, now I'm officially joined...
    I'm a long time audiophile who has largely converted over to headphone listening and as luck would have it I have champagne tastes and a beer budget - well maybe a wine budget. Am currently looking for two different setups: one is a a very good valued very portable single box rig that works with a Mac and an iPhone 5 (soon to be 6) and that ideally has: DSD, 24/192K, 3D (aka crossfeed), analog input and bass adjust. Haven't found a single unit that does all of that, but many that have come close. Another setup I'm looking at is a higher end stationary unit. Some units that I'm evaluating at this point:
    Light Harmonic Geek Out
    ALO The Island
    iFi iDSD nano, etc.
    Leckerton UHA760
    Centrance hifi-m8
    Chord Hugo**
    Smyth Research A8
    RedWine gear (signature 57)
    Chord Hugo
    Some new TBD all in one integrated amp/DAC unit that could also power speakers - a highend example would be the Devialet units or the Red Wine Signature 57
    The Chord Hugo is an interesting option that could also be my high quality home reference DAC. It's obviously not affordable, but could meet a lot of needs in one box and likely sound better than most any other (tubes excepted?) unit out there... Anyone actually heard it yet?
    I'll be driving everything either from a MacBook Air (2013), currently using Grady RS-1 cans and maybe looking towards some CIEMs or Auzeze LCD 2 or 3 or x, and I'm running Amarra Symphony SW, or an iPhone 5, or a highend turntable rig (I eventually want to digitize all my records at either 24/192K or DSD and then have everything digitally available). I know lots of options and too many choices, but there I be! 
    I'm glad to be part of the group and look forward to many connections - and hopefully some meetups in the Portland area!

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