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New to head-fi, looking for a decent pair of iem's

  1. IpodHappy
    I hope you like the M6s. I just picked up a pair for $20. I like them so much I'm going to order a set for my niece and nephew who still use their Ipod ear buds.
  2. stevenswall
  3. georgehots
    Well, I know for a fact that Amazon frequently changes the prices of their items (so beware guys).
    Like some protein shake thing I bought changes $5 every couple of hours, have no idea why.
    I don't know if it will return to $19.99, but the Melectronics M6 is now $33.02 for the black one and $39.99 for the clear.
    Guess I bought mine at the right time! Hopefully it reduces again but if it doesn't, nice!
  4. Sofacleez
    Also new around here, this is my first post as a matter of fact. I have however been a reader for years. So as they say on radio, "long time listener, first time caller."
    Regarding internet pricing, I cannot speak about how Amazon works, but having friends in internet retailing I do know some things. Internet pricing can be very fluid, many internet retailers are constantly scouring the internet to see competitive pricing. Often this is a totally automated task - search, find and adjust (within certain parameters.) In other cases there may be human intervention or a mix. There may also be a predetermined pricing policy which can change by day / week parts, i.e; cheaper at night or cheaper over the weekend.
    Other times it may just be a test by a retailer - if we lower the price to X-30% or X+10% will we sell more? the same? less? Because the internet can change instantly - it opens up a lot of abilities to experiment.
    It's probably a good idea when shopping for a major purchase to suss pricing over a period of a few days - including the weekend.
    As far a inexpensive IEMs go - I find that my V-Moda Vibe Duos get a lot of wear from me;
    1. They work with my iPhone - they have a mic thats people tell me sounds great.
    2. They are quite comfortable - more than my Shures - personal for sure (no pun intended.)
    3. I like the SQ - no, they are not perfect, but what they do well they do very well, and what they do wrong I can live with.
    Not the greatest soundstage and bottom can be a bit "wooly." They also respond quite well to a CMOY with line out device. 
    4. The Vibes (non Duo) w/o mics are pretty cheap. After owning V-Modas I decided to buy a pair for the wife. That's when I discovered the "secret" V-Moda closeout site on eBay that often has Vibes very cheap. OK, so maybe the box may be a bit shopworn as they are retail returns, and maybe "last years" models.  I just bought my headphone destroying daughters  pink vibes for $7.00 each  inc. shipping. In more "gender neutral" colors I know they have them for well under $20.
    Having said all that, I must also admit I will be shopping for a pair of M6, as now I am curious.
  5. georgehots
    Haven't received mine  yet, but awfully glad that they went up in price :D
    Makes me feel good that they are $50 on their site, $40 on amazon, and I got it for $20!
    JUST found out there's a M6P.. with mic and remote and double-flange tips :/
    However, if I wanted that, its $55 on amazon AND their site, and a mic isn't worth $35. I'm happy with my purchase, and I'll give a quick review when I get them.

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