New to good sound quality. Beyerdynamic T51i I'll miss you, welcome Momentum Over ear! Story time?
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New Head-Fier
Nov 9, 2014
A while ago, I was going to get a pair of quality, amazing sounding headphones. Didn't actually do it till a year later. I bought the Beyerdynamic T51i's, loved the incredible sound but on-ear isn't comfortable for me, which is very sad because I love this headphone. At first they were, but after an hour, it gets a bet painful and the outside of my ears feel terrible and fatigued for some hours.

I went to an airport in Jacksonville because I couldn't find a store that sells anything beyond bose/beats/monster and skullcandy anywhere in Jacksonville(or I didn't look hard enough). The place - InMotion, I had to call the manager to go through tsa check without a boarding pass because I would have to had a boarding pass to get inside inside the airport without her. Sucks but oh well. I tested out a few pairs(B&W P7, Parrot, Bose, H6(I don't remember the brand), Momentum Over Ear, and Shure SE315. Shure's were amazing to me but I didn't want to get them and spend so much time with all the tips and going through comfort, trying to get used to them, although i did very much love them. Maybe In the future? :)
The manager is really nice and owns a lot of stuff and seems to know quite a bit about hifi related stuff. Glad I went and walked out with my new love, the Momentum Over Ear. I heard that the beyer is better in sound, and I gave it two weeks but it still pained me and I'm sad about that because it is smaller and less attention grabbing and I love the carrying case. I see it as more despite it not being able to fold up.
I was highly criticized by a few of my friends for spending that much money on headphones, for spending 1hr and 40minutes in the place(which is apparently too long), and for going into an airport to get headphones.. and of course the usual "no difference in sound etc etc" i asked one to try them on but he said his ears suck and wouldn't tell the difference, so whatever. I had a feeling there was no convincing him when hes stubborn.

The momentums, ive had on for probably 3 hours, and it irritated my ears a bit, but definitely not as much. It seems more fashionable and attention grabbing, which I love the look but maybe a bit too out there for me, as I like low key because I'll be using them often in public for college. Oddly enough, they aren't that uncomfortable laying down in some positions. I could praise both headphones a lot more, but anyone who knows them already knows and I'm not trying to make this a review. Glad I found hifi and new headphones as I listen to music a few hours a day minimum after work and play music myself. I am shipping the T51i back, kinda sad but comfort is a top priority.
Thank you for reading!


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