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New to Audio. Need help.

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by invrlose, May 21, 2013.
  1. invrlose
    Hey there I'm looking for a good audio setup for gaming as well as music. So far I have seen people recommend the Sennheiser HD 598 as they are good for gaming and suitable for music as well. My question is, should I buy a sound card or DAC. What are the pros and cons for both? Is DAC able to simulate the surround sound and all of the features that a dedicated sound card can do?
    Sorry for being completely clueless, thx. 
  2. invrlose
  3. kuhchuk

    I asked pretty much the same question not long ago.  See http://www.head-fi.org/forum/newestpost/658413 for details.

    Also, I'm about to pick up some 598's as well.  The resemblance is uncanny.
  4. nagual
    No. Xonar DG(X) is a good (and cheap) exemple of multi-purpose sound card.  It must be others, of course.
  5. Byrnie
    IMO, you can't go wrong with the HD598s.
  6. invrlose
    I've decided on 598. I've also decided on buying the sound blaster zx for a few reasons.

    I don't need a high end dac, and 598 doesn't need an amp to drive it. The card I picked has an external controller and a mic as well so I won't need to buy a mic.

    Tell me what you think. My setup would be pc>sound blaster> hd 598.
  7. proton007
    Looks alright to me. You should be set for a few months, until the audiophile bug bites you again.
  8. invrlose

    Haha yeah I don't want to spend more than 450 right now. Once I build my new pc(waiting on new hardware to come out) I decided I will get a dac and amp then.

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