New Sony PHA-2A portable DAC

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by woodlands, Sep 1, 2016.
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  1. Wiz33
    MORE POWER!!! ;-P
  2. Witcher
    Can I confirm something with you guys? The PHA-2A has no line out mode like the PHA3 right?
  3. NoMythsAudio
    No. No line out
  4. Witcher
  5. Stanley chin
    Hi,everyone how's about the pha 2a battery life,can it charge them and playing at the same time?it looks great but many people claim that the es9018k2m has some noise floor, that's why oppo choose go to the es9028k2m
  6. NoMythsAudio
    If you read through this thread, 1st question is already answered. Yes it charges while playing IF you connect the charge port (2nd mini-usb).
    Noise floor? Near dead quiet. For my iem, I have to turn it on high gain and the volume to near max to hear any noise floor. Suffice to say you don't need high gain for iems, even any demanding iem should do on the medium gain.
  7. Occy
    How is the GSM buzz from this dac/amp when connected to a smartphone and running spotify/tidal over 3G/4G? My RSA Intruder is terrible and I'm considering switching to either this or the 3A when/if it comes out.

    Also, does anyone know if there will be and Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals on this amp anywhere?
  8. NoMythsAudio
    No buzz. PHA-2A is dead silent
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  9. ipcress
    I've just asked Sony UK when they will be supplying the PHA-2A.

    Their as expected vague reply was:-

    In reference to enquiry about the Sony PHA-2A, please be advised that we do not have a confirmation yet when it will be supplied in the UK.

    But at least it wasn't a straight, there are no plans to supply, so hopefully we might get a UK/EU version?
  10. foreverbelmont
    Or you could try US Amazon. I´ve bought mine from it to Germany.
  11. Dim666
    Do you have an idea to buy another USB cable black, this cable that connects the DAC with the WM1A ?
    Do you have a link to buy this piece ?
  12. sf4951
  13. sf4951
    This is my first ever post and Im as old as they come.I apologize if i have violated any rules with myreply. If I have done it right, my question is:Is the PHA-2A more powerful than the 1A?I am powering a new pair of HD 650's and find the volume insufficient to achieve the loudness I need. If not more powerful is there one for about $400 that would solve my problem. I am connecting to my laptop.
    It should be a DAC/Amp.
    Thanks folks.
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2018
  14. Wiz33
    Are you running SE or Balance (the 3.5mm plug is SE, the larger one is Balance)? If you're running SE, going to a Balance Cable may solve your problem as the SE output is 100mW/Ch but the Balance output is 320mW/Ch.
  15. sf4951
    I wonder if this output increase would happen with the PHA-1A also?
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