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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
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  1. fish1050
    I am using the wired P5 series 2's with my A17 for a couple of years now and they are awesome together.  I think you will be extremely happy with this combination.  I would love to hear your opinion on this combination at some point as I am looking at the A35 as a possible upgrade.  The A17 is a tad under powered for my P5's on some tracks.  I am hoping the extra bump in power with the A35 will be just what I need to make the perfect fit.
  2. goody
    orang you are right about the ZX2 bass it was deep and it was powerful but the overall sound was just not enough to justify the price i moved mine on....For that same kind of bass just try the ZX100 the bass kicks ass and has wonderful vocals... Dont get the asian version that is  too bright  it is ear piecing bright ..... the EU version is different it has that nice warm sound similar to the ZX2 
  3. djayyy
    Just got my hands on it. Awesome little player. Removed the EU volume cap and this sounds fabulous with the Shure 846. Thanks for all your recommendations, will give a run out for a few days then post up my thoughts. 
  4. Luiz Santana
    [left] How did you remove it?[/left]
  5. gerelmx1986

    not yet
  6. djayyy
    Using the info here. Also, my 200gb Micro SD card works perfectly!
    Luiz Santana likes this.
  7. Wiz33
    Just plug mine into my PC to transfer some music and MediaGo pop up with a firmware update message. Clicked Install and Firmware 1.20 is now installed. No idea what it does yet, need to go check Sony's page.
  8. ravdo
    Firmware 1.20 :
    1. Resolve the symptom where Thai characters may display as garbled characters
    2. Address other symptoms

  9. Pimmsley
    Thankyou ! Downloaded and installing now :thumbsup:
  10. Pimmsley
    Installed fw 1.20
    Initial impression is even snappier UI again, and im running with a 200GB sandisk card
    Love this player...
  11. Stereodude
    You can download FW 1.20 from this page:  http://www.sony-asia.com/support/download/616865/product/nw-a35
  12. Stereodude
    I can confirm.  The UI is even more fluid and responsive with 1.20 than it was with 1.10 which itself was a significant improvement over 1.02.
    This player keeps getting better and better.
  13. davidcotton
    Now if only they would add podcast/audiobook support in I could stop looking at android players.
  14. Weaves
    Anyone know if this is even feasible with a FW update?
    What is weird, or typical Sony, is that they finally have a greatly improved viable media software (media go) with easy podcast access, then they remove it from the A35.
  15. Raketen
    Feasible as in technically possible, i'd bet so. Feasible as in Sony making a sensible change within the realm of human logic? Yeah idk, I won two dollars in the lottery once...
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