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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
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  1. Aevum
    just wondering, is there a service menu for this one ? since the lack of back or home bottons means the earlier combinations dont work.
  2. 304608377
    They are releasing limited edition of SAO a35 next month. I wanna know does a35 sound worth of buying. I currently own an ak100ii BUT Sad to say that I really can't hear any difference between ak100ii and my iphone 6s plus. [​IMG]
  3. Aevum
    what headphones and files are you using ?
    Also take in to account that not all of ous can hear a herd of wild buffelo comming from 50 km away.
  4. 304608377
    I using flac 16bit/44.1khz and some hi-res 24bit/96khz... iphone is apple lossless file. I can only hear the difference when im home using akg q701 hooked up to my desktop.
    I'm using Audio-technica im03 and sony forgot the name lol something abt lol
  5. Pimmsley
    If you like the interface, features and form factor go for it, they sound outstanding.
    As do the iphones and the AK... all these devices are capable of a playback quality that surpase top shelf audio gear of only a few years ago.
  6. mattheguy
    My same brand 64gig worked first time but guess something in small print stopping the 128gb.  Prob keep it as a USB stick when move files between machines.  Guess I shall source a new 128gb card come payday!  Any you recommend/know to work??
  7. djayyy
    I have just taken my first step in to Hi Res audio and purchased myself a set of Shure IE 846. Whilst these are amazing headphones I want to pair them up with a decent player, something better than my iPhone 7 plus.

    I have just returned a 2nd gen Fiio X1 mainly due to the interface, but also the touch wheel which seemed to skip tracks just by me looking at it. I thought the sound was great but the niggles with interface has left me wanting more. I have been looking around at various players and really like the look of either the Sony A17 or A35. I have also had a brief look at the A&K Jnr but feel it it just out of price range right now.
    EDIT - Astell&Kern AK Jr High Resolution Audio Player - Aluminium - Just seen this for £249 (Within range now)
    Which of these Sony players would you recommend. Many thanks for your help. 
  8. Luiz Santana
    Could you compare Plenue D and Sony A35 far as the sound quality is concerned?


  9. meringo
    My A30 just arrived! So far so good.
    LDAC performs incredibly well. Sound quality is great, and the connection quality is flawless with my MDR1000x. I will be extensive A/Bing with my AK100ii before that ships out to it's new owner tomorrow morning.
    One thing I notice -- no volume indicator? When I push vol up or down, all I see is a - or +
  10. gerelmx1986

    The A25 can do potos and videos but technologically and soundwise is Obsolete by now, if you can get the A30 get it the DAC is  a newer versión and it's purpose is only music no vids no pics, so the CPU-DAC interace is just focused on music decoding
  11. Wiz33
    I have used Sandisk 32GB MicroSd and 200GB MicroSDXC with no problem so I wouldn't expect any problem with a 126GB.
  12. Wiz33
    Yea Volume indicator only works with wired connection. Kinda hope it would show level on BT.
  13. meringo
    Interesting. I wonder if that can change in a future update.
    Anyone else having trouble with the 200gb Sandisk card? I have the player updated to 1.10 and it still won't detect my card, regardless of how I format it. Despite seeing others succeed, I did a "chat" with sony support and they told me that 128gb is the maximum supported format, and that the 200gb card will not work. Looks like I might have to go out and buy a new 128gb card and be picky with what I put on it. LDAC seems to be worth the hassle.
  14. ElcomeSoft

    What is the maximum storage capacity of micro SD cards compatible with my NW-A3x series Walkman?

    The maximum capacity for micro SD cards for use with the NW-A3x series Walkman players is 2TB.

    All Sony micro-SD cards currently available on the market are confirmed to be compatible.

    NOTE: Sony cannot guarantee full compatibility with cards from other brands.

    NW-A3x series models:

    1. NW-A35
    2. NW-A35HN
    3. NW-A36
    4. NW-A36HN
    5. NW-A37
    6. NW-A37HN


    Sauce: http://sony-eur-eu-en-web--eur.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/137929/kw/


  15. 304608377
    So is the A35 better than the ak100ii in sound quality?
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