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  1. fish1050
    I have a 2 year old A17 and I have auditioned both the A25 and A35. I could not hear an audible difference between my A17 and the A25 and subtle differences between my A17 and the A35. However, with my A17 stacked with my Fiio Q1 via HO I found virtually no difference in sound quality between my A17/Q1 and the A35. I suspect the added power of the Q1 helped to overcome the differences between my stack and the A35. As a result I decided to pass on the A35 as I also didn't want to lose 48 GB of storage and AptX support for no real gain in sound quality. But I am finally going to upgrade to the A45 since AptX has been added and AptX HD is also supported. I think that the extra power from the A45 will allow me to retire my Q1 and use it as my computer DAC/Amp.
  2. nampramos
    Thank you for that, very helpful (and to the others that also replied, thank you!).

    What is the power difference between the A25 and A45? I haven´t been able to find any of those specs on Sony´s website...
  3. fish1050
    The A10 series is only 10 mW per channel into 16 ohms and as far as I know so is the A25. The A35/A45 are rated at 35 mW per channel into 16 ohms. It doesn't sound like much but Sony's Class D digital amp design is much more efficient than other DAP's with traditional Class A/B amplifiers so the figures are misleading when you compare Sony DAP's power output to other manufacturers. They are definitely not powerful DAP's but my A17 alone can power my over ear headphones to decent volume levels.
  4. WilcoRoger
    To my ears the playback is gapless
  5. Gosod
    I'm waiting for fresh firmware.:beerchug:
  6. iLFuma
    I think it will never come, Sony with the latest firmware fixed everything.
    This DAP is already old for them. :sweat_smile:
  7. Gosod
    You know I thought that when I click on the side button (switching tracks) is going on a second longer than a normal player, you, too, right?
  8. iLFuma
    Not too much. Since i moved all my music on the SD card and wiped the internal memory, the player has become more responsive. Maybe the internal flash memory is not the best of the best :confused:
  9. Gosod
    I wanted to say about the second but still pressing late, have you noticed?
  10. iLFuma
    If I press as fast as I can, yes. But during normal use I don't notice. I don't think it's a problem.
  11. superuser1
    Has anyone successfully tried paring a A35 with something like the ifi iDSD BL?
  12. Tagheuer
    Hi guys, this is a great player, sound is great too.Just one problem,how to organize to play all songs from one folder, for example,first song is going from Autobahn Kraftwerk but next song will play from another artist, it's happening from SD card only.Anybody has the same problem?For all my files I am used Sony Media Go program.Thanks
  13. HungryPanda
    Check you are not in shuffle mode
  14. Tagheuer
    In playback Settings, turned on repeat off only.
  15. HungryPanda
    I have repeat off on and all range on

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