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  1. HungryPanda
    My situation tonight:

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  2. trellus
    When you have to label your earphone cases, that means you have enough to need to do that... :p
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  3. HungryPanda
    You have me to rights there it's the same with my iems
  4. nampramos
    Hi guys, first timer here and wondering if I could get some real life opinions regarding the A25 vs the A35, exclusively in terms of Sound Quality (nothing else please).

    Are there significant differences between them when using both exclusively with the Sony MDR-1A?
  5. alan_g
    got the good lady an a35 for xmas and have to say I'm impressed with this little player, can I just ask what size of file is best for album art?
  6. docholliday
    I try to keep it at most 450px, 60-80% compression, *baseline* (not progressive), and with a max file size of 99kb. All art shows up perfectly with these settings. Weird things happen when exceeding the specs. I've had some 500px appear and others not. Higher compression (>80) is a waste of space. Progressive format cause a lot of other issues, images not appearing or only appearing occasionally (I also use the same files with the headunit in my truck, and it won't even try to load progressive format).
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  7. alan_g
    thanks i'll give it a try. is it named album art or cover jpeg?
  8. HungryPanda
    Mine are all 500x500 or 600x600 .jpg and all work (names cover.jpg or folder.jpg)
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  9. docholliday
    If done to standards, it should also have the Cover-Front flag set, embedded into the file and/or named "folder.jpg" in the folder.
  10. WilcoRoger
    I have anything between 300x300 to 1000x1000, embedded in the files, no issues.

    One caveat - if the file is saved as progressive (many off the web are) then it won't show (even if they show OK on the computer or other players)
  11. Aeolus426
    I like to have my album art at least 1000x1000. This has caused a good portion of the art to be missing on my walkman a35. The simple fix i found was to go to file properties in media go and drag/drop the album art. It would auto resize to 640x640. I would then remove the old art and set the the new art as the default. haven't been missing artwork since.
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  12. Aeolus426
    Also, has anyone been having issues with the Bluetooth connection? Last week at work it would keep cutting out while connected to Bluetooth. I chalked it up to the possibility that i was hitting pause on my headphones, but it happened with my speaker too. My speaker can only change the volume. What i noticed is that my walkman was still playing with no audio.

    Another issue I have been having is that occasionally when I skip a song it will freeze then act as if I took out my 200gb sdxc. It will then reset the library and show that no sd card is inserted
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  13. nampramos
    Sorry to ask again, but seems like no one saw it;

    Could I please get some real life opinions regarding the A25 vs the A35, exclusively in terms of Sound Quality (nothing else please).

    Would you think there would be significant differences between them when both used exclusively with the Sony MDR-1A?

    Thank you!
  14. robiceli
    Never had the A25 but the A35 is cleaner sounding than my A15 which from what I've read, is the same as A25 in terms of sq.

    I have the 1A which I sometimes use indoors and vocals are more detailed on the A35 in comparison to the A15 paired with the same headphones.
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  15. DrKrFfXx
    I suscribe what Robiceli says, I have the A15 and there there are very subtle diferences in quality between it and the A35 that add up to a more refined listening experience.

    In fact I never quite got really into the A15, something was lacking, small detail, that the A35 brings upfront, bass is a bit more refined and highs a bit more pronounced, while mantaining lush vocals, and more instrument separation, and openness.

    Plus the A35 is prettier, the design has more personality and I really like it, and the constuction quality seems higher, my brother's A16 started suffering issues in the headphone jack, it started becoming loose after a few months and ended up breaking alltogether, mine's starting to get loose. The A35 is solid after a full year of use and abuse.

    I use it with the Sennheiser Momentum M2, they really pair well in my opinion.
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