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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
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  1. leylandi

    NW-A35 (16 GB) , NW-A36 (32 GB)

    MicroSD slot, Bluetooth®, NFC

    Dimension : 55.9 x 97.5 x 10.9 mm
    Weight : 98g
    Display : 800x480 (WVGA) 3.1" TFT

    Battery :
    22 hour (DSD 2.8MHz, NC ON)
    25Hour(DSD 2.8MHz, NC OFF)
    27 hour (FLAC 192kHz/24bit, NC ON)
    30Hour(FLAC 192kHz/24bit NC OFF)
    39 hour (MP3 128kbps, NC ON)
    45Hour(MP3 128kbps, NC OFF)

    Playbback :
    AAC (Non-DRM)
    Linear PCM
    WMA (Non-DRM)

    6 Band equalizer
    Clear Phase
    DC Phase Linearizer
    Dynamic Normalizer

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  2. musicday
    Any news about it yet?
    Will be nice to see DSD playback in this walkman class.
  3. zachchen1996
    Hopefully native DSD playback, and not DSD to PCM.
    And Sony, give us a ZX3!
  4. diepnguyen
    looking forward to seeing the price :)
  5. SubSTI

    Me too, specs look promising:
    DSD playback (converted to PCM)
    MicroSD card slot!
    OK-ish battery llife:
    1. 22 hour (DSD 2.8MHz, NC ON)
    2. 25Hour(DSD 2.8MHz, NC OFF)
    3. 27 hour (FLAC 192kHz/24bit, NC ON)
    4. 30Hour(FLAC 192kHz/24bit NC OFF)
    5. 39 hour (MP3 128kbps, NC ON)
    6. 45Hour(MP3 128kbps, NC OFF)
    OS = Sony, so no streaming Tidal
    Nothing on output volume
    Light: 98 Gram
    Fiio X1 competitor?
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  6. fish1050
    If Sony doesn't get to stupid on the price they could actually sell some of these. But based on suggested price for WMA DAP's they will likely price these way to high.
  7. davidcotton
    I reckon this could be the new zx1 replacement in all but words.  That would mean around £3-400 or so.  I just hope that the uk now gets the models without the damned volume cap.  More interested in this model than the flagship one.
  8. XERO1
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  9. fish1050
    I believe that the volume cap is a requirement in Europe so that may not be possible to remove.  I guess England could apply to have it removed since it left the EU but I am sure it isn't a big priority right now.
    Do they have the volume cap in Australia as well?  If not I guess you could try to import one from there
  10. fish1050
    Yeah looking at the specs that could be possible except the ZX100 already replaced the X1.  I see the A30 as filling the gap between the A20 series and the ZX100 which depending on where you live is pretty big.  People willing to pay more for the better touch screen, DSD support and a better EQ from the A20 series.
    The touch screen is pretty polarizing, some people love it and some like me hate it.  Those who want it will now have that option.  I think it will become clearer once we see some reviews and power output figures to see what else may have improved from the A20 series.
  11. astroid
    This has best both worlds, touchscreen and buttons A+
  12. astroid
    This also seems to do dsd out over DOP, good function for lower tier device.
  13. astroid

    Look at 2:24 onwards for dsd output settings
  14. XERO1
    If the A30 can output DSD and the Mojo can recognize it, that would make for a killer little combo! [​IMG] 
  15. astroid
    Agreed, I hope the a30 is under £300!

    It seems that nw-wm1z+a use the same operating system as A30, seems android is dead to Sony.
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