New Skullcandy headphones are better?
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Sep 30, 2014
I used to be an avid Skullcandy user and customer, I was practically an unofficial brand ambassador for them wherever I went with my passion for sound and music.. I own many, many sets of headphones and ear buds: Sony, Beats by Dre, Jaybird, along with an overstock of Skullcandy to name names.. I've had my first pair from the Hesh product line for a few days now, the Hesh 2.0 wireless.. After months maybe years of surveying them in stores, in other people's possession, and now in my own possession, I can confidently say that,
The Hesh is one of the worst product lines I've experienced from Skullcandy.
The Hesh make the Skullcandy Mixmaster's seem like Hi_Res Professional headphones, and that's saying a_lot! The only problem, it seems, with the sound and volume quality of the Hesh 2.0 Wireless headphones, are the actual headphones themselves! Honestly, I'm wanting these headphones to be the loud, bass pumping cans from Skullcandy, 'now_with_bluetooth', which I've been patiently waiting years for, and I desire for someone to tell me that they "need some time to 'break-in'", but my gut tells me this is just how they're meant to be..

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