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New Site Platform Bug Reports and Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by axelcloris, Apr 26, 2017.
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  1. Lurker0
    Well, yes - without rich text editor, cursor keys start working. If the option had separate values for desktop and mobile, it would be a solution, but it is not convenient at all to format a big text manually :frowning2: So, I'd prefer a fix for the rich text editor!

    BTW that "smile" I used above in the message preview fills my screen! There are also some other differences between preview and the actual post - URL styles, from what I remember.
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2017
  2. Monsterzero
    sorry if this has been asked before....

    Is there some trick to changing ones avatar now?
    I uploaded a new file,and when I submitted it,a message pops up saying "successful",but the file icon is broken,and my avatar reverts back to my previous one.

    Is there a workaround or am i being a noob?
  3. AxelCloris Administrator
    If you're getting the successful message then you're good, it'll just take a little time to display on your end due to how the profile images are cached.
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  4. moriez
    Are above issues on the radar?

    In addition to the second point is also the hyperlink to 'messages' after clicking on a profile. A non-member can still access a member's content. Not a biggie as this is the internetz BUT, when we're talking privacy it can be and should be done right.
  5. AxelCloris Administrator
    You will always be able to see your own online status, just like you'll always be able to see the "last seen" information for your own account even with the setting disabled. Others cannot see them, but you can. I have "show online status" unchecked but I still see the little blue tab when I'm on the site. Looking from another browser where I'm signed out I don't see that indicator.

    As for feedback being visible, I'll look into the options to see if there's anything we can do, but the feedback system is an add-on and not tied to the core XenForo settings. Currently, for anyone to view your feedback they would have to be signed in to reach it through your profile, access it from the classifieds or know the URL, as there's no other way for them to access it. It's been mentioned before, but the current iteration of the classifieds (including feedback) is a placeholder of sorts. We're going to be designing our own custom classified system, one that will be as good as, if not better than the one Huddler had in place.

    I'm not sure I understand your additional comment. You're saying that a non-member can click on an avatar, choose messages and then see all of the posts a member has made, even when their profile is set to private, is that correct? If so, then there's no privacy concerns there. That's the exact same thing as going to the advanced search and searching for all posts by that member.
  6. moriez
    Thanks for your response.

    Hey you're right about the 1st one. I wasn't so smart to check on that with another browser. Good stuff.

    As for the visible feedback, I can really see all members feedback without being signed in by clicking on their profile>trader history. Would be nice if the team takes this on board for the new classified system.

    Last point, you got it right. Ofcourse it's quite futile in the grand scheme. That's why I made the internetz remark. My point is that non-members have no business getting such easy access to members content and this includes non-members having the ability to search from the advanced search. It's a community which requires some form of privacy and not have it all hang out. You probably know yourself that a click on someone's profile on many other forums requires registration or signing in first so it's surprising it can be done here.

    The 'draft saved' thing is excellent by the way!
  7. AxelCloris Administrator
    This was true on the Huddler platform as well. We've never hidden trader feedback from signed-out visitors. On the new platform it's now possible for Head-Fi'ers to make it harder for visitors to see their feedback, but it's still accessible same as before. As always, we encourage that private information should not be included when leaving feedback for someone.

    I'm going to disagree that visitors to the site shouldn't have easy access to publicly posted content. Every single Head-Fi'er was at one point a visitor. We all somehow wound up here, often because we had a specific question or were searching for recommendations. If the information we were looking for wasn't readily available, we'd probably be less likely to stick around. I know if I go to a forum and I cannot easily locate what I'm looking for, it's not likely that I'll register and join that community. We've made it easier for Head-Fi'ers to restrict what visitors can see in their individual profiles, but public posts are open to everyone and should be easily accessible.

    Head-Fi is a place where headphone lovers can come together and share our experiences. It's a place for us to connect. For some of us it even feels like an online home. Head-Fi is intended to be open and inviting to visitors and members alike. We were all non-members at one point or another and eventually found our way here. Once here, we each experienced something that lead to us joining the community. Why restrict others from the capability of having the same experience?
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  8. Dobrescu George
    I agree with you, @AxelCloris , I do think that people finding things easier helps this hobby and helps us get more people into loving high quality music!
  9. moriez
    Uh? I don't see how it's gotten harder to see feedback. It's a click away. Please explain.

    Ok, some good points. Disabling advanced search is probably a bridge too far and public posts should ofcourse be open to everyone and easily accessible. I wasn't looking at the bigger picture.
    It'll be most welcome and appreciated if at some point the option were implemented to make anything that's clickable in the public profile for members eyes only.

  10. AxelCloris Administrator
    Let's use your account for example. Someone not currently signed in cannot view your feedback via your profile because they cannot access it. That's the easiest way for someone who isn't already in the classifieds to see your feedback. Without that option, they either have to go through the effort of tracking down a classified you posted then click on the link to find the feedback, or they have to know the direct URL for your feedback. Removing one method of reaching the feedback effectively makes it harder.

    Now as for the classified listings themselves, consider how someone searching Amazon or eBay can see the feedback of a seller without logging in. While we aren't a retail outlet like those sites, Head-Fi'ers still visit the classifieds daily to shop for used gear. It's not just limited to Head-Fi'ers, though. A non-member searching for a specific piece of gear could land in our classifieds from a Google search. Feedback in the classifieds forums should be visible to all interested buyers, whether they're signed in or not. Say a non-Head-Fi'er comes to the site and does a search in the classifieds for a specific amplifier and finds a listing that has no visible feedback. They're less likely to register and make contact than if they could see that member has 25+ positive feedback in the past 6 months. Positive feedback serves to encourage a sale. Hiding feedback could potentially hinder the amount of interest a particular listing generates. As such, if you're putting an item up for sale, anyone looking at that listing should be able to see your feedback no matter who they are.
  11. moriez
    I must be missing something.. When I'm not signed in and click on any name on this page for example, the blue badge pops up which shows 'trader history' at the bottom. When that's clicked all trader feedback is visible to me.

    It's a good explanation you're giving, but I don't see at all why a non-member should have immediate access to more information than neccessary. Knowing that someone has 25+ positive feedback in the past 6 months seems plenty. In the light of privacy and balancing out privacy and public information, there's no need for having access to a description of a personal experience between those two traders IMHO. New members are going to be able to see such thing after registering.

    To repeat what I said in my previous post, anything that's clickable in the public profile should have the option to be set for members eyes only. Most other forums I tested are set up like that.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2017
  12. AxelCloris Administrator
    Quite honestly, I'd missed this specific location for the link. I rarely ever use that pop-up. You're right, they can still access trader feedback that way as well.

    As for who can view trader feedback, it's the same amount of access we allowed on the Huddler platform and we don't have any current plans to change it.
  13. moriez
    Now that forum changes are being made is the right time and so my request to the team is to reconsider. What I'm after appear to be simple relatively small changes that are widely accepted elsewhere: pub profile on lock. Please protect your community the very best you can.

    That's it from me.
  14. musickid
    How do you bump for sale items. cant find a way to anywhere.
  15. barid
    Haven't read any of this thread but just want to throw a FYI out there: I hate this new layout and basically have stopped coming to the site. the FS forums are 100% worse than they were. Browsing whats available for sale and selling is in no way more convenient.
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