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Kounter Torque

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Jan 29, 2011
I’m looking to get the most out of my iPhone XS Max while using Spotify premium set to 320 kbps. Now I realize this isn’t lossless or even “super high quality” by any means, but it’s what I want to use since it has most of my library. I’ve been looking into a new DAC/amp combo for it. I have the lightning to 3.5mm adapter connected to my Headstage Arrow 3G currently. I’d like to stick to wired connections if possible. Using my ATH M50’s at the moment. I prefer more of a V shaped EQ. Warm and bass filled is what I prefer compared to neutral and flat. What kind of DAC should I look for if I can use my Arrow 3g for bass amplification? Would that be the best way to go about it or should I just get an all new DAC/amp combo that can do both? Thanks in advance.
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Oct 29, 2009
DAC-only portable, battery-powered units in that form factor aren't a thing anymore. Only one design and ironically one of the older ones is being sold, the ODAC, and even then it's either the desktop transportable size or the slim size that can't be ordered to have its own built in battery.

Either you look for a used DAC, or make do with a newer, iOS compatible DAC-HPamp that has a line out and use that output because the Arrow 3G has more power, like the Fiio Q1 Mk2.

That said, given the M50's relatively high sensitivity you might not notice much improvement in the sound at sane volume levels with the Arrow vs the Q1 Mk2, even less if you invest on a better DAC-HPamp that has a more powerful amplifier stage.

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