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New setup for laptop

  1. Rolands
    Hi, I want to upgrade my music listening experience.Currently using my laptop's onboard sound with some razer headphones. Budget is not more than 250 eur. From all the reviews, finally decided that the best fit for me would be the DT 770 pro beyers 80 ohm + creative sound blaster omni 5.1. My knowledge is very limited so maybe you could recommend me some other options that would give me quality surround sound for +/- the same price or just some tips on what to look for. I don't play any games, just listen to a lot of music. Rock, electronic, indie.Thank you in advance
  2. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    If you don't play games (nor watch movies with surround sound) you don't need anything that will deal with surround sound. Just invest in really good 2ch equipment, ie, a DAC and headphone amplifier.

    For that budget I'd just get the Fiio E10K instead of the SB Omni.
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  3. Rolands
    Thank you for your suggestion, seems like that would really fit better for my preferences.
  4. cossix
    +1 for the E10K. All that stuff marketed towards gamers is quite gimmicky anyway. It's better to go with a legitimate amp/dac combo and avoid all those companies selling flashy "gamer" products.
  5. serman005
    You should check out the SoundMAGIC HP151 and see what you think. The DT770 has really sibilant treble in my opinion and it could be a problem for you. It would be for me. The HP151 has a good sound signature that is easy to listen to. You should check it out.

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