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Jan 23, 2005
Hi, I have noticed that a new sennheiser range has come out in the UK stocked by

Some new models include the HD465, HD485, pxc150, pxc300. I was just wondering if you have these in america and other places that you live and if so how good they are compared to their older models, the pxc300 looks virtually the same as the pxc250 and the pxc150 is an un-foldable version. Does anybody know any sound differences between them or is it just visual?

EDIT:Also are they likely to replace any other models such as the HD5x5 series and the HD25-1 or are these already relatively new models?
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Mmmm, HD465 & 485 look tempting. Good news!
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This is the new range (hope it is ok to post it now):




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Thanks, I hadn't seen the wireless or the 2xx series. Those look very nice and as if they are closed, has anybody listened to them and know if they're any good or the price they are and where to get them in the UK?
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hope you dont mind me just copying and pasting from another site but i found this information about them

Both HD 201 and HD 215 are over-the-ear, closed-back designs that deliver outstanding attenuation of ambient noise, encouraging the wearer to become fully immersed in sound without undue distractions. Good as the HD 201's ambient-noise attenuation is, the HD 215's is even better; it features a rotatable earcup that makes adjustment to the one-eared use favored by DJ and radio-station users quick, easy, and comfortable. A single-sided, coiled, detachable (replaceable) cable is another "pro" HD 215 feature such users are certain to notice.

Each of the new Sennheisers features exceptionally smooth, natural, extended response. The HD 215 produces nearly an octave of deeper "infra-bass," to a tooth-rattling 12 Hz vs. the HD 201’s "mere" 21 Hz, while both models challenge the upper limits of human hearing with ratings of 18 and 22 kHz.

And both models deliver dynamic potential to spare for reproducing any musical style with real-world levels and impact, with SPL limits of 108 and 112 dB. So despite their unusually lightweight, comfortable designs, the HD 201 and HD 215 stand ready to create true "high-end" personal listening experiences, with the natural tonalities and impressive dynamic impact experienced listeners expect from any headphone carrying the Sennheiser name.

The HD 201 and HD 215 are fitted with rugged, kink-resistant cables and 1/8-inch stereo plugs, and packaged with 1/4-inch stereo-plug adapters. The HD 201 and HD 215 will be available March 2005, Sennheiser’s suggested retail prices $24.95 and $149.95

Hmmm interesting prices, the HD215 could be just what im looking for....

EDIT: well US people again get a good deal, I cannot find them in the UK but on the hd215 which should be retailing for $149.95 is now $90 even before release!!!
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I have the RS 120 for TV use. It is very nice for what it does. It's easy to take on and off the recharging station, the headset is very light and compact. The wireless works great, it's clear up to over 200 feet away through walls. The batteries have yet to run out, longest had them on was 4 hours. The sound is similiar to a $50 pair of senn headphones. It is a undistorted, balanced, warmer sound but is not extended very well.

btw, some of those are available through

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