New Sennheiser HD650's and this amp?
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You can search this site for headphone amps, esp ones that drive headphones that are 300ohms, that is pretty important.  The 650s need to be driven well imo.  I have owned a pair for four or five years.  Currently have four different amps i use with them.  Good luck, don't know much in the $300. pricerange unless used.
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Whats wrong posted 3 times...

Like a guy mentioned before, the Nuforce Icon HDP is a good one. Also there's the HA-160, it is known by having good synergy with sennh's like the 600, 650's...
I think you have to look on the amps section of the forum. 
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There is a shop in Culver City you can probably audition some amps.  Used to be in Santa Monica but it moved.  I will edit with name when i can figure it out but it may be a 45 min. drive depending on where you are in OC.
Here it is - The DXC store.  They are okay in there, at least you can call and see what they have that you can plug you phones into and hear.
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Man I don't post were not showing up when I tried to quote someone, then I tried just a regular reply and all of a sudden all three attempts appeared.
Thanks dallan, I'll give them a try. I am constantly up in LA so the next time I'm up there I'll give them a try.
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Simply no...
The 650's require some real amplification. 

the thing is that I want to buy a decent headphone to go with my creative titanium x-fi... and the gap between 595 /650 is simply too big.. if I am to invest my money on the 600 might as well buy the 650
its gonna be my first decent headphone...
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Check out the Schiit Asgard.  Under $300 class A, discreet output - HD6XX recommended.
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ah, thanks.  I just tried the editor.  The second time through I caught what it said at the last second, which is that it's being held for moderation since i'm new here.
edit:  I don't know what happened, but those photos above don't work and I can't edit the posts.  Sorry.
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I'm actually leaning towards picking up HD 650 and Nuforce HDP together in a few weeks. I've read a ton and can't really picture a better setup for the price based on my reading at least. I finally got a chance to audition HD 650 at a local head-fier's place and left pretty impressed.
Although it's very similar in sound signature to my Sennheiser IE8, I'm really craving the extra comfort, power, and soundstage of a full-size setup. One of the main things that attracts me about the Nuforce HDP is that it has an outstanding USB input section that can handle playing downloadable high resolution music from sites like HDTracks directly through my PC.
I'd be interested everyone's impressions on HD 650 and whatever amps you choose, especially HDP.

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