NEW Schiit Lyr 2: Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by sling5s, Jun 2, 2014.
  1. RitzyBusiness
    Kind of depends on the headphones, with some of my cans I prefer tubes. With my LCD-2 I prefer the solid state option of the LISST. Compared to the Magni 2 Uber there is more authority and power being draw to them which meshes well with the LCD-2's, sound signature is similar but the extra power just gives it a bit more oomph and stability.

    If your headphones are already being properly suited by the magni 2 uber you may not notice much if any difference. Other then the potential for more noise, this amp is alot noisier then the magni even in low gain. Granted in most cases its not audible unless you crank it up, but some particularly sensitive cans like the Grado SR80 are able to pick it up a bit sooner. Though you will know if you should be running low or high gain with this amp almost right away based off of the noise.

    What you get in advantage over the magni 2 is versatility in being able suitably power any headphone you throw at it over single ended output (since most headphones come standard SE, its a pretty big deal if you don't want to go through the hassle of balanced drive.)
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  2. DavidA
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  3. FumblingFoo is another good option. Might be easier to start out with but tubemonger seems to have more and better tubes.

    Its been a while since I've listened to the stock tubes and as time has passed I'm surprised at the difference different tubes make. That's a really nice feature of the Lyr 2 that keeps me coming back to it, probably need to do some more tube rolling myself.
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  4. jrflanne
    Schiit dacs will click.
  5. RastaDolphin
    Hey, winders, I was just about to order the Modi 2 and Schiit's rca cables to go with my Lyr. Are those the cables you're using? I'd like to put them side by side and not stack them, though. Is that possible with the length of those cables?
  6. DavidA
    The short cable sold by Schiit are made for stacking only, its about an inch too short for side by side and even then its a tight fit.
  7. RastaDolphin
    Ok. Thanks a lot. Know of any slightly longer comparable options? I get sleepy quick reading about cables. haha
  8. jrflanne
    Blue Jean Cables will make you a 1 footer.
  9. DavidA
    check out amazon, they have a good selection of cables. I don't believe is spending more than $20-30 for RCA cables and I've found that I can build my own RCA inter connects for cheaper using wires and connectors of a decent/good known quality that is usually better than pre-made ones for the same price or less.
  10. L0rdGwyn
    Thanks for your response! Good to know. At this point though, I am very deep into the tube rolling game on the Lyr 2 lol. Right out of the gate, I did some A/B comparisons against the M2U. Initially, with the stock tubes and one other set of E188CC's, the differences were not that obvious to me. But now, and after rolling many different tubes (including several from the 5670/2C51 group) I have found some sets that completely blow the M2U away. I may consider the LISST down the road out of curiosity. I was expecting the sonic changes with the tubes to be so different from what I was used to with SS that I would find the change jarring, but on the contrary, I have found that the sound is a huge improvement. With the Lyr 2, I particularly like the Western Electric JW 2C51's, Tesla 6CC42's, and Tung Sol 2C51's. Magni 2 Uber is on the selling block!
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  11. RastaDolphin
    Interesting. Thanks for the info.

    Ok. Thanks.
  12. RastaDolphin
    Ended up ordering some KabelDirekt cables from amazon. I tend to stay away from companies with poor names like that because it makes me doubt the sophistication of the company but I'll let you know how they are when they come in ... if I can tell much difference with the cheapies I already have. They look pretty good and are review well. "double-shielded, OFC," blah blah
  13. RastaDolphin
    Oh. Im an idiot, of course. KabelDirekt is a German company which is why it's spelled that way. Definitely makes me feel better about the purchase. Haha They should probably advertise "Made in Germany." Aaaand they're fantastic Kabels, FYI! They're pretty stiff though and have a slightly longer than normal terminal casing which means you need some room (maybe 6" to 7") between the ports and whatever else is in front of (or more likely, behind) them.
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  14. RitzyBusiness
    I am honestly not sure how they rank, but I got these Orange Globes with the amp and on most headphones it sounds like a substantial upgrade over a solid state device like the Magni2 or Lisst. Probably all I need, i've tried some other tubes but nothing really hits my ears as well as these. Of course as stated above the lisst is also fantastic for some headphones and I definitely don't owning them.

    I actually like BJC, the quality is great, the plugs are great, the cable material is great and they are well designed to do their job without any silly oily gimmicks(non-believer, sue me, no don't please). I've done custom order headphone cable with them in the past to make a shorter cable.
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  15. DavidA
    @RitzyBusiness , I have a few BJC cables, agree they are good for the price.

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