NEW Schiit Lyr 2: Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by sling5s, Jun 2, 2014.
  1. jrflanne
    I've had my Lyr2 for a couple of years. I tried the LISST's at first, pulled them and put the stock tubes back in. Well, just tried again, determined to let them warm up and break in a bit. They really improve with a little bit of time. I think I will leave them in for a while. Don't think I will go back to the stock tubes anyway. Cheers.
  2. RitzyBusiness
    Has anyone taken the Lyr 2 apart? I got all the screws off since I am trying to remove these socket savers that came with the amp. But something in the front of the chassis, most likely near the volume knob doesn't want to let it come off. Now that i've gotten the other screws off though something dropped into the chassis so i've no choice but to continue going full steam.
  3. DavidA
    While I haven't taken my Lyr2 apart yet I think you need to remove the volume knob to slide out the chassis. There might also be some screws under the stuck on rubber feet.

    I've used a old computer chip puller to get the socket saver out in the pass, not that this will help you now.
  4. jrflanne
  5. RitzyBusiness
    Yea, I didn't quite get it because I have nothing to take the knob off but I figured out how to wedge plyers into it and take out the socket saver. I was able to remove the metal peice. It was just a backet, and while i'de like to put it back in it doesn't impede on the devices operation so I am fine.

    That said I will DEFINITELY be picking up a pair of those tube pullers. While I don't think i'll have this same problem again I appreciate easy tube removal without the savers.
  6. jrflanne
    $20 for something worth $1. But they work, and work well.
  7. ahmad-bayern
    Hello all

    My proplem is in lyr 2, i hear every few seconds a very annoying noise.
    I tried all the possible solutions, first i switched between optical and USB and The problem Still exist in the two options.
    I changed RCA Cables and the problem still exist.
    I tried many headphones and the problem still exist.
    I changed the cables and the problem still exist.
    I used amp and headphone on my mobile with out a computer and the problem still exist.
    I thought the problem is the tubes so i changed many tubes but the problem still exist.
    PS: my compo schiit is far away from noise and Router.
    So the problem is in lyr 2 .
    So what can i do to solve this problem?
    Please help me and thanks a lot .
    This video shows the problem ( the voice is clear, notes the noise )

  8. DavidA
    The video is marked private and I can't play it. You might want to contact Schiit with this problem.
  9. ahmad-bayern

    The video works now
    Please Help

    Here is another link
  10. DavidA
    I can hear the clicking sound but I have no idea what could be causing it. Have you tried to get in touch with Schiit?
  11. L0rdGwyn
    Can anyone comment on how the LISST in the Lyr 2 would compare to something like, say, the Magni 2 Uber? I am upgrading from the M2U to the Lyr 2, but would like a solid state option. My options are A) Hold onto the M2U for solid state B) Sell the M2U and pick up the LISST tubes C) sell the M2U, go tube-hybrid for a while and pick up a Jotunheim down the road :)

    Just wondering if the LISST solid state experience is of comparable or better quality to the M2U.

  12. DavidA
    I tried the LISST tubes once, didn't like them since they were quite bright and a little harsh in the highs to me but didn't seem that bad in my friends Mjolnir2. If I were to get another SS amp for under $300-500 it would be the Polaris, very flexible and one of the better deals at $250 but its also slightly warmer than neutral and one of the few SS amps that I liked with the HD700 which most usually like with a OTL or hybrid. The Jot is a great amp but to me and a few others is slightly on the bright side and didn't pair well with HE560, HD800 and T1g1, way to harsh in the highs for me but if you have warmer headphones like the pre-Fazor LCD series, HD650 or Nighthawk then the Jot is a good match.
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  13. L0rdGwyn
    Thanks for your thoughts, @DavidA ! I will keep that in mind, not too familiar with the Polaris but will surely read about it. I have been for a while a bit of a Schiit brand loyalist, been happy with everything I've purchased from them so far, but the idea of a SS amp that has a warmer flavor is definitely appealing. I'll probably stay away from the LISST for now and save the money for a future SS.
  14. DavidA
    These are the SS amps that to me were neutral or very slightly warm: HA-501 (a higher end Polaris), Liquid Carbon (a cheap Liquid Crimson), G-109 (cheaper version of V-200), Heron 5 (love the separate high/low impedance output), AudioGD Master 9. and RSA DarkStar. While I like the value that one gets with Schiit gear most amps are neutral or slightly bright to me but I still have my Asgard2, Lyr2, Bifrost MB Bifrost Uber, Modi2uber and a pair of SYS so can't say I have anything against them either.
  15. Weez
    I feel like…I need to…start tube rolling :) But I don’t have the patience at the moment to hunt tubes on eBay or here, so ehm…any good websites selling tubes? Are the first Google search hits ok?

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