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NEW Schiit Lyr 2: Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by sling5s, Jun 2, 2014.
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  1. sling5s
    Just want to start a thread for the new Lyr 2.  Interested in impressions.
  2. Gil Schwartzman
    I'm interesting in hearing what people have to say about this as well, particularly with low ohm cans. I'm currently using my Lyr with RS2, D2000, and Q701. Not the best pairing, but I've also got an HE500 on the horizon. Also usinng mine as a pre-amp but I really don't like that headphones don't mute the pre-outs. The Lyr 2 seems to take care of basically every issue I have... but I am on the fence on if it will be worth it for the ~$200 or so it will probably cost between what the Lyr 2 fetches and what I can hopefully sell my Lyr for. 
  3. kizzard
    My Lyr 1 was delivered literally 2 weeks ago. I'm a bit gutted about the timing!
    That said, the Lyr 1 is still incredible - so I'm not planning on upgrading.
    Main changes seem to be a gain switch and some reworking of the power systems for lower noise floor.
  4. Asr
    Someone needs to compare it to the Garage1217 Project Ember now that it has that gain switch, and settle once and for all which amp is better-sounding on the same tube. [​IMG]
  5. jackfappleton
    I ordered a Lyr 1 about a week ago from Amazon, not knowing that the Lyr 2 was just about to come out. Luckily, I got one of their Warehouse Deal ones, which was like open box but still functional, but it only played out of one ear so I sent it back. I'm going to get a Lyr 2 once the refund goes through, but I kind of wish that the Lyr 1 worked so I could compare.
  6. 18inch
    seems quite interesting! i hope they get a batch of black chassis by mistake for those new lyr 2 :D
    i actually enjoyed reading the FAQ section in the lyr2 page.. lol
  7. antikryst
    Where are the impressions? :-D
  8. sling5s
    I'm waiting too. :)
  9. Severe
    Mine is scheduled to arrive tomorrow along with an uber bitfrost. I lack experience in describing audiophile sound, but will leave my impressions :)
  10. antikryst

    What headphones do you have? And what amp DAC combo are you using now. Improvements from your old amp and DAC vs the bifrost lyr 2 would be a good start for impressions. :p

    Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  11. Severe
    Coming from absolutely nothing, except for an astro mix amp. Source being computer, and phones being mad dogs. Soon to be alphas once I receive my upgrade notice :)

    Hence the lack of experience :D
  12. elvergun
    The Lyr was a great amp for the Mad Dogs I used to own.  I think you will be happy with your rig.   Congratulations!!!
  13. jackfappleton
    My Lyr 2 just came in. I can't really give it a proper review because it's going to be a few more days before my HE-500s come in but I'm trying it out through my ATH-M50s and i'm using my FiiO e10 as a DAC, and so far it's insane. I have it on the low gain setting at 12 o'clock and it's about to make my ears bleed. 
  14. xero404
    My schiit just came too. replacing the Asgard 2 for my Alpha Dogs. 
  15. TMRaven
    What kind of things does the Lyr2 do better than the Asgard2?
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