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Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mab1376, Feb 7, 2013.
  1. StanD
    Check your source. Did you unplug the input to the Asgard 2 and see what happens? Try another source/input. I would think that a power conditioner is not the answer as the noise affects only one channel.
  2. theveterans
    On my unit, just turning ON the Asgard 2 without any inputs attached to it gets that cricketing noise on high gain. On low gain, noise almost disappears. If I plugged it in to a very clean power source such as a dedicated power line, the noise disappears no matter what gain setting you use.
  3. Henrik84

    No. I'm sending it back in the beginning of september. I was really wondering why this had no bass. Many songs sounded unlistenable.
    I have been using solely my Fireye DA -portable DAC/amp.
  4. StanD
    What do you mean by "dedicated power line?" Do you mean a single mains socket without other devices plugged in?
  5. theveterans
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  6. Coladdict
    Got my hand on A2 recently. What DAC I could consider other than Bifrost / Modi Multibit ... Plan on hooking it up to my laptop ... TIA
  7. theveterans
    ^ I liked the Mojo (line out mode) + Asgard 2 combo for my IEM.
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  8. Henrik84
    No, I have not got this figured out.

    I have both Asgard 2 and Lyr 2 amps and the Lyr 2 has no bass either.

    Maybe I should connect the amp to a CD-player.
    Could that solve the problem?

    What is that Wyrd thing you got in your setup?
  9. kayhikski
    Hello there,

    The Wyrd ($99) is a USB decrapifier:

  10. Henrik84
    This is your system:

    --PYST USB--> Wyrd --PYST USB--> Bifrost 4490 --PYST RCA--> Asgard 2 --Stock Cable--> AKG 712 Pro

    You are using AKG K712 Pro stock cable which is connected to the Asgard 2.
    Are you using some other adapter than the one which comes with the AKG K712 Pros?
    And I mean the smaller 1/8 inch to larger 1/4 inch headphone plug adapter.
  11. kayhikski
    Hi there, I am using the gold-colored 1/8" to 1/4" adapter that came with the AKG 712 Pro headphones. Best, James
  12. Voxata
    Weird.. I've got a Mimby+A2 on a bass modded K702 and the bass reaches so low I'm constantly shocked. The Mimby is usually on speaker duty... I've found the 4490 is so lovely smooth and warm though.
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  13. mmmadog
    Just my 2 cents but I have the Aune mini I think it's called it's the one before the Aune X1s and I prefer the dac in it compared to my Modi. I used it with the Valhalla 1 and prefer it to the modi but when listening to the magni 3 I prefer the modi. I guess it's a matter of finding what combination works for you and sticking to it. I'm torn between getting the A2 or an Aune x7s because I found the magni 3 has much better bass than the Valhalla but I love the tube midrange. I have 600ohm Beyer's and need just a little more power than the magni 3.
  14. knowhatimean
    I have an A2 arriving on Friday.

    About 2wks ago I ordered & tried out a Magni 3 that didn't work as well for me as I'd wished it would . I should have been a bit more wary of the Low Gain setting not being as low as I would have liked. A 6dB setting is not a low gain setting for anyone using a full sized DAC (Metrum Acoustics Hex) & any of the ridiculously high efficiency (AQ NH &NO) headphones listening to wide dynamic contrast music (There are no Electric Instrument based popular music genres of music I'm really interested in listening to anymore),

    The A2 looks to be a better match than even the Jotunheim(sp) for a lot of listeners using a full sized non PC based playback system. I really do prefer having an internal power supply inside of the equipment I use (along with the option of using the power cord of my choice , which I will connect to my Equi = Tech 1.5Q BPT line conditioner which sits in front of all components in my playback system).

    The Magni 3 was fairly impressive in it's ability to just "Get out of the way". The A2 should leave even less of a fingerprint on the signal path (& just let the several $k of equipment it's inline with take care of the playback as well as it normally does) .
  15. Snowpuppy77
    Hope you like it. Though I now have a Ragnarok I still like to use my A2 from time to time. Just enjoyable to listen to. Nice tone.
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