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  1. sharktopus
    I'd second that.  I didn't notice any particular lessening of the treble upon switching from the modi uber to the multibit.  If you wanted to upgrade to a tube amp, and then roll tubes, there are definitely ones out there that have lower treble profiles.  However, that is a whole heck of a lot of money to fix something that you can do for free with a dash of EQ.  Also, I'd suspect finding matched quads of tubes for the Valhalla could be quite a pain.  Its hard enough finding well priced and matched pairs.  Best of luck!
  2. kayhikski
    Hello there,
    My office setup is very similar (Mac vs Windows plus I have a Wyrd):
    iMac + JRiver MC 22  > PYST USB cable > Wyrd > PYST USB Cable > Bifrost 4490 > PYST RCA cables > Asgard 2 > AKG K712 Pro
    I'm not having any issues with bass.
    Did you get this figured out?
  3. tamleo
    Hi everyone,
    I want to change my LCD2 to a new good headphone. I have the Asgard2 and the Mumby. My budget is ~$1000 for the new headphone.
    Should I buy a HD800 or a Firear 334 using with my old Schiit combo? I love my LCD-2 but it makes me headache.
    I heard both Hd800 and 334 many times at headphone offlines and shows. I love both so I cannot decide now. Thank you guys
  4. Snowpuppy77
    I have not heard many under $1k headphones.  One I have heard that would be considerably different yet complementary to the LCD-2 is the Grado 325e.  The Grado RS2e would be another complementary option.  The Grados have excellent detail, timbre, and liveliness.  They do not have the bass quantity of the LCD-2.  There is also the new RS1es which are controversial (unlike the older ones) and then there is the $1k GS1000e which are supposed to have great detail and excellent soundstage.  I have a pair of vintage RS1s and the Asgard 2 I have is a great match for them. 
    If you are not sure about Grados then I would try the new Beyerdynamic Amiron Home (250 Ohm).  I have not heard these but have heard other Beyerdynamics.  Should be complementary to the LCD-2 as well.  They are getting good reviews like the 5 reviews currently on Amazon and Headphonia.  Also consider the Beyer T1990 Pro (250 Ohm) at about the same price.  The Asgard 2 and they will do fine with 250 Ohms.
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  5. jeremy205100
    I've never heard the LCD 2, but I second the DT 1990. I have had the DT 990 600 Ohm for years, and recently upgraded to the DT 1990. I use it with my Asgard 2 and Bifrost Multibit and it's going to be several years before I upgrade my desktop rig again. 
  6. Gojira81
    Hello Everyone,
    I'm new to these forums, but I've been reading this thread and the Sennheiser HD 650 to gather as much information as possible and need your advice.

    Last year I got the Sony mdr-1A and was using it with the Scarlett 2i2. this month I got the the HD 650 and i've been reading that the scarlett won't be enough to power them so I've decided to get the Asgard 2 as an Amp and keep using the Scarlett as DAC. To be honest, I didn't see much change in sound quality(maybe I was expecting more?) even though I know that technically the Asgard 2 is better to drive the HD 650.

    Is the scarlett 2i2 limiting the SQ? I was thinking of replacing it with a Schiit Modi 2 Uber or Multibit but only if it's worth the upgrade, or you think it's better to invest the money on different equipment like massdrop's AKG K7xx?

    Thank you.
  7. killfire72
    K7XX will be a downgrade from HD650.
  8. Gojira81
    Thank you for your reply. The AKG K7xx would be my third pair, so mdr-1A for portable use, main headphone the HD 650 for music and AKG maybe for gaming since I read that they have a wider soundstage so it's better for gaming.

    It was only an example, my main concern is whether the scarlett 2i2 is the limiting my setup and changing it with Modi Multibit would be a worthy improvement.
  9. StanD
    I have Focusrite 8i6 which I use mainly for MIDI and ADC. I find their internal headphone amp to be lacking. IMO the difference due to DACs is not as large as many would make it out to be.
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  10. Gojira81
    Yes that's why I might keep using the Focusrite as DAC and maybe use the money to get a different set of headphones.

    My problem is that where I live I can't audition these equipment so I have to mostly rely on user review. I thought that maybe Focusrite is the bottleneck in my setup and replacing it would improve it.
  11. StanD
    Is it that you have HD650's or something else right now? I wasn't sure from reading your post.
  12. Gojira81
    Yes I have the HD 650 for home use and sony mdr-1A for portable use and was wondering how can I improve my setup which is:

    PC (Foobar, Spotify) > Focusrite 2i2 > Schiit Asgard 2 > HD 650.
  13. StanD
    That should work good, Is there something about it that you don't like?
  14. Gojira81
    Not at all, I actually love it.

    It's just that I know someone who is willing to sell me a 2 months old Modi multibit for 200 euros which is a great price for us living in europe, a new one would cost around 300 euros + shipping. that's why I'm wondering if I should get it or not but if the improvements are marginal then I'd rather save the money.
  15. StanD
    Some people will swear praises for multibit and yet also demand hires, yet the Modi Multibit is 16 bits. Frankly, all of this is beyond perception. The big difference is in headphones, if the HD650's make you happy, just smile and keep listening.

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