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From what I can tell, the Outside sub-forum has been pretty civil lately (with some exceptions). However, from time to time, people do come in simply to stir up trouble. Also, from time to time, debating degenerates into personal insults and ill feelings carried over into the main forums. As moderators, we initially voted to remove the Outside forum completely. However, we're going to give Outside a shot at being what it was intended to be -- a place to discuss important off-Head-Fi issues in a civil manner. To do that, we decided on new rules for Outside, and here they are:
  1. Civility is mandatory. If you do not understand this, do not bother contacting the moderators when you find you can no longer access Outside. The decision to remove a member's access to Outside will be permament. Any attempt to circumvent that sub-forum-specific ban by registering another profile will result in a permanent ban of all registered profiles for that individual, and from all Head-Fi forums. Long story short, if you can't discuss tough issues with civility, don't bother participating in Outside.
  2. If your post or thread is deleted in Outside, the decision to do so is final, and may be without explanation (as obvious as most deletions in that sub-forum are, don't be surprised if it's without explanation) -- no whining or moaning about it on the forums, or to the moderators.
  3. To start, there will only be two moderators of Outside: mbriant and carlo. Unless otherwise announced, these are the only moderators who will be moderating Outside.
These are the rules of Outside. If you don't like 'em, don't post in Outside. If you feel inclined to complain about 'em, don't post in Outside.

If problems continue, we will institute additional rules (like membership duration requirements and/or non-Outside post count requirements). If it has to go beyond that, Outside will be removed.

Several of the moderators agree that being able to discuss non-Head-Fi issues that affect us all is important to the community. However, we all agree that there is absolutely no reason that civility need be abandoned to do so.

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