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New rule suggestion for the For Sale section

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by hero kid, Aug 20, 2010.
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  1. Currawong Contributor
    The profile comments section existed in VBulletin before Head-fi switched to Huddler. Many of the changes are aimed at restoring some of the functionality that was lost with the switch.
    Edit: I hadn't seen the "Feedback" link and was thinking of the comments on people's profiles which appeared recently.
  2. Hero Kid
    Hang on... what relevance does the profile comments section have? Am I missing something?
  3. Currawong Contributor
    I was replying to this:

  4. Uncle Erik Contributor
    Currawong, does this mean we should start leaving feedback under profile comments instead of the feedback threads? Seems like a good idea.
  5. I'd been a constant lurker on head-fi for over a year before I actually joined.  I didn't think my overall audio knowledge base was well rounded enough to make suggestions for others.  In fact, I only joined when I wanted to sell off some gear.  My FS ad was post #1, and join date said "today."  I don't think I'm the only one. 
    I may be the exception, but its something to think about.  Also, driving up post count isn't very hard.  Additionally, if a scammer is patient (which I have no knowledge of weather or not they are) they create a few accounts, wait a month, then start scamming.  While the suggestions may be slight deterrent to potential scammers, ultimately the buyer just has to check things out, ask for a phone number, really get a feel for the person.  [From my personal experience, while real life scammers tend to be persuasive and charismatic in person (at least the good ones,) the internet scammers I came across were always horrible over the phone.  Long gaps in conversation while seeing if they're contradicting themselves, then doing it anyway, overly aggressive, defensive and vague.  That's probably one reason they stick to the internet, where they have as long as they want to get their story straight.]
    By the way, for anyone interested, I have contacts with some Nigerian princes who can make you a very wealthy person indeed.  PM me if interested.   
  6. Currawong Contributor
    I only just noticed the feedback link now. Jude had mentioned something before but I didn't take it in. I was thinking of something else in my last post, which I'll now go back and correct.  I guess the intention is that people leave feedback in people's profiles instead.  Certainly it's a more sensible place to put it.
  7. Hero Kid
    Ha @ Currawong - So I wasn't missing something! 
    Anyhow, I'm thinking of making a link of topics with collected suggestions on improvements to the For Sale section.
    If no one else is willing to take it on I figure it's something I'm passionate enough about. I'll put some more thought into it and post back in the near future.
  8. Mad Max
    Trader feedback, cool.
    Let's have our own individual storefronts as well!  [​IMG]
  9. Ikarios


    Will there be a post regarding exactly how to use the new profile feedback? Will everyone have a blank slate, or will some sort of "importing" be able to be done? Additionally what about recent feedbacks; should I go back and re-feedback some of my more recent transactions?
  10. Uncle Erik Contributor
    It might make sense to put a link to your feedback thread into your profile now.
  11. shawn_low
    Any posts in the FS section should NOT count towards total post count. This is done on one of the Australian hi-fi sites and actually means that users have to post elsewhere.
    It's too easy to drive up the post count by saying fluff such as 'PM Sent'.
    I'd advise caution when buying. Check user posts, history, feedback. If user is selling an expensive item, check if they've bought something expensive too. ALWAYS use a credit-card funded payment (don't use Paypal GIFT) so you can get your money back if things go south. Also, if seller insists on paypal gift to cover fees, suggest that you pay extra using credit-card funded paypal to cover the costs.
    Stuff always comes around on sale again so if you lose out, don't fret.
  12. Ynoskire
    I don't think its a good idea. As mentioned above, getting a higher postcount isn't that difficult. A lot of users would start spamming to get an high enough post count to sell their stuff, selling it, and then never come back to head-fi anyway.  I've seen post count related reward systems at another internet forum, it just doesn't work. The joining date rule would make head-fi a less interesting spot to sell your gear because you would have to wait like a month, so that would be a good rule indeed. The only thing working against scammers is common sense, they would find a glitch as mentioned above.
  13. Currawong Contributor
    I imagine there will be an announcement sooner or later.  I do know Jude is working seriously flat-out on improving everything.
  14. TheWuss
  15. Deep Funk
    Very interesting...
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