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New rule suggestion for the For Sale section

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by hero kid, Aug 20, 2010.
  1. Pokefan
    I'd like to point out something else I've seen a lot of here in my short time. People need to be wary of paying through paypal using the "gift" option. We've had to completely ban this over on blu-ray.com because of scams. If you use paypal gift you have no insurance if you someone scams you. I'm not against using this option at all, I prefer it when I sale something as well but buyers need to be aware of this and reserve this option for someone that you trust. I recently purchased from a member here using gift but seeing that this individual had 5k+ post I felt rather safe. I wouldn't have agreed to this if it were someone with less than 100 post probably.
  2. Hero Kid
    Ok this has gone too far to be acceptable. We had roughly 3 (possibly all one person) new members intentionally targeting Head-Fi for scamming people.
    Collectively there was about $1,000 lost in this week alone.
    There has to be a minimum TIME JOINED and POST COUNT to even see the For Sale section, otherwise this community will continue to be targeted and legit members will continue to be scammed.
  3. .Sup


  4. karthik_ashok
    Yes, the time duration of membership and post counts should be the ones which enables a member to post on the FS forum. To many spammers these days and many friends getting cheated which is sad to see :frowning2:
  5. soozieq
    There used to be a requirement of a minimum of 50 posts and one month's membership before you could sell stuff. But even before the forum change, those rules didn't seem to exist anymore. I keep seeing total newbies with like one minute's membership and no posts... selling gear on here.
    Isn't it supposed to be a privilege to use the FS: forums? We don't pay listing fees or final value fees, and yet people who have absolutely no history on here and have contributed nothing to the community are allowed to sell stuff. Doesn't make sense to me.
  6. Hero Kid


    Not just post. I don't think new members should even be able to see the For Sale forum. That way they can't PM potential sellers or even know whats going on down there.
    Also I think the following idea is a good one.
  7. Deep Funk
  8. gav007


    I agree with you to a certain extend.  I don't think having a lot of posts make an individual trustworthy, but having a excellent track record does.  I believe the "gift" option should only be used when sellers prove they are trustworthy with a good track record of feedbacks.  When you're dealing with new comers or individuals that do not have any feedbacks you should obtain as much information as possible before making the transaction and when you do make the transaction, make payments without using the "gift" option.  
  9. aamefford
    First, I also agree that privelege rules should be in place for selling. Less so for buying. As long as one pays first, I don't really object to their buying, if a seller is willing to sell.

    Second, if they have few posts and joined yesterday, why would anyone buy from them? Caveat Emptor!
  10. rawrster
    it's crazy that there isn't something! I'd be in favor of an undisclosed time limit and post count just so people don't start spamming like when there were 50 post count requirement.
    There should be something at least. It won't prevent all scammers but it will help.
  11. tasteful
    Good ideas here. I agree with aamefford, having a reputation isn't as important for buying as for selling.
    Let's keep this thread bumped until something gets done!
    (P.S. Thank you, hard working mods. We really do appreciate your work.)
  12. Hero Kid
    ALSO; Has anyone else noticed how the stickies are only in the Headphone section? Is it just me or does that seem foolish?
  13. Hero Kid
    I just noticed another thing. Profiles now have an added feedback section! I wonder what this means for our old feedback threads?
  14. gav007
    *oops it doubled post sorry
  15. gav007

    It's been added, but it's not working yet...

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