New role for my iBasso D1
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Headphoneus Supremus
Apr 30, 2007
Kalundborg, Denmark
I have had this amp right since it first came out (preordered and shipped the day they were released) and have had no problems with it what so ever. It has been used in my hotel room rig being driven optically from a pcdp. However I have just received a RudiStor-XJ-03 and even driven from the line out of the pcdp I prefer it's sound to that of the D1. The best sound comes if I use the D1 as dac to feed the XJ-03 but I can not be bothered travelling with 2 boxes. So what to do with the excelent D1 ? Well as it also supports usb I thought I would try it with my pc driving my Boston Acoustics pc speaker set. I tried this briefly with my previous pc running XP but for some unknown reason the sound kept breaking up whenever the pc was doing anything other than playing music. My new pc runs Vista and here there is no such problem and what a HUGE difference compared to the build-in soundcard and line-out. I never thought my pc could sound this good so it seems the D1 has found it's new role.

The D1 is a fantastic unit and I don't think there exist anything else this versatile.

-Opamp rolling both in the amp and dac,
-optical, electrical and usb in to the dac plus line-in
-line-out and headphone out

All this in a tank like build at what was an amazing price. What a shame that it is no longer made. Hope an upcoming unit will give the same features.

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