New RHA IEMs: The MA750i and MA600i
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Hi ericp10, could you please compare the 750i to the gr07.

I haven't listened to the gr07 in a long long time! All I can definitely tell you right now is that the 750i is a much fuller 3-Dish sound over the gr07 (great sound but 2-D). There is more bass in the 750i, and I think quite a bit more clarity (but I would have to listen to the gr07 to be certain of that). Build quality definitely surpasses the gr07. The gr07 is a great phone however, and still has some of the best sounding drums I've ever heard in an iem.
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Got the MA750's in the mail today. Very nice packaging and the build looks very robust. The wires are fairly thick and rubbery but it makes me feel confident that they will be able to withstand any issues brought on by daily use. I love the stainless steel look. An aesthetically pleasing iem. The supplied silicone tips are fairly thin and I can't get a good seal compared with other tips I have. I can get a good fit with stock silicone tips but it doesn't sound good to my ears. I went through some tips and I found that the black Shure E2C tips made a significant difference. I get a great seal with those tips and they sounded better than the stock tips.
So far I only listened to a few tracks but they do sound nice. Mids are clear, highs are laid back, and has a fairly large sound stage. The bass is where I have an issue at the moment. It is fairly loose when the bass hits hard. It can definitely use some tightening up. I will let them burn in and report back if the bass tightens up or not. Good value for the price.
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  Just FYI, I brought this to RHA's attention the other day.  They said that they are ACTIVELY working on getting these into Canada and Australian distributors' hands as soon as possible.  They also confirmed that AmazonUK will ship to CA and AUS, albeit at a greater cost.

It seems the MA750's can be shipped to Canada but not the MA750i. I did get an email from them that said they were going to hopefully have them available at the Apple store within the next month.
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I will ask RHA themselves.. Hold on will come back with answer. I don't think there will be a sound difference but I asked anyway. Will be back with the answer.
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  Being made of steel, are these heavy in the ears? I'm trying to decide whether to try these out or stick with my Gratitudes, and comfort is a big deal.

They are heavier than most comparable sized in ears but they are smallish in the first place so not a factor at all. They are very comfy over the ear. I can use them all day.
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So seeing as how I'm not an Apple guy, maybe I should just be warrenpch. 

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Well that was fun! 
  Just a reminder, I'm extending an open invitation to anyone out there to contribute impressions.  I'm interested in hearing what everyone thinks.  It doesn't matter whether you like these or not, please feel free to share your impressions, whatever they may be.  Thanks! 

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I'd like to share my impressions on MA750 with you guys.
First of all, some pics:


(Disclaimer: I've been listening to modded 3DD and my modded MH1 recently) 
RHA MA750's sound has a strong emphasis in the bass and the treble; thus it is V-shaped.
Right out of the box, what struck me greatly was its deep, dark signature. There were bulk and airiness, which are critical for reproducing a well-balanced vocal, but certainly MA750's mid was lacking definition, which contributes to the overall punchiness and dynamicity of the music. Although I believe lacking is still better than shrieking, the manufacturer could've easily overcome this issue by simply shifting the mid resonances to the lower frequency range by further optimizing the IEM's bore design. On the other hand, bass is sufficiently thumping & rich with overtones. But its overwhelming emphasis clouds the upper frequency range resolution, and further inhibits the presence of mid-range notes.. Is MA750 really full of disappointment then?
Well, my overall impression on MA750 is still quite positive; With the help of RHA's proprietary Aerophonic™ Design & the hand-crafted driver, its treble extends all the way up to 20 kHz, and secures miniscule details that can easily be overlooked with most of conventional IEMs. As such feat is extremely critical for reproducing the sound of instruments with rich harmonic components, such as a violin and a clarinet, MA750 finds its glory when an accurate treble is essential.
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