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New replacement Sansui SS-100 earpad

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  1. IceClass
    For Sale
    I have a brand new sealed-in-the-bag earpad for the Sansui SS-100 headphones.
    I'm asking $25 shipped in North America.
    Payment by PayPal.
  2. takato14
    Wow, awesome find dude.
    I'd buy it if I had an SS-100... which I sadly don't. Still trying to get ahold of one.
  3. snhaqua
    if you have headphones sansui ss-100 reply me at snhaqua@hotmail.com
    i am in Montreal , contact me with your phone number and asking price
  4. IceClass
    This ad is only for a Sansui SS100 ear pad. Headphones are not for sale.
  5. chi2
    It's actually pretty clear but just to be 100% sure: This ad is for a single pad, not a pair, isn't it?
  6. IceClass
    Yes. This is for  single earpad.
  7. IceClass
    I know one day this super rare item will make someone very happy indeed.
  8. IceClass
    Surely, someone out there has a pair of SS-100s and could use a spare earpad.
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