NEW Reference 3A Taksim Two-Way Loudspeaker
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Feb 1, 2011
Reference 3A Taksim Two-Way Loudspeaker - $6,990.00
Free U.S. Ground Shipping
Free U.S. Ground Shipping
$6,990 Reference 3A Taksim Two-Way Loudspeaker
The Taksim is a Reference 3A two-way loudspeaker with a newly revised, dedicated main driver. This driver is based on proven hyper-exponential woven carbon fiber driver technology optimized for the Taksim.

The unique transducer is directly coupled to amplifiers which covers a wide range of the musical spectrum.

Experience enhanced clarity and natural tonal balance with an open and spacious sound.

No Complex Crossovers

The Taksim requires no complex crossover.

This is better for you because the Taksim avoids interruptions to musical signal, dynamic compression and phase errors. The detail in music is received with a fast, dynamic, coherent and precise response.


Nextel Coated Cabinets

Taksim cabinets are densely coated Nextel in anthracite colour.

The unique finish absorbs light and sound creating a very silent cabinet sonically & visually.



The Taksim is very rigidly constructed with dense panels and several perforated braces in critical points, horizontally and vertically.

The exterior panels vary in thickness to improve resonant behavior.

Superfluous vibration energy from the enclosure is significantly reduced and does not interfere with the clarity of sound.

The main driver is also free from sympathetic frame vibrations. The unique mechanical grounding system drains mechanical vibration energy from the drivers, allowing them to perform optimally.


Beryllium Dome Tweeter

The new custom pure Beryllium dome tweeter is optimized to acoustically match perfectly with the main driver.

Positioned and aligned precisely in a recessed acoustic wave guide Reference 3A's new Beryllium dome tweeter sounds precise, fast, detailed and well extended to very high frequencies.

An excellent non inductive capacitor is used as the sole high pass filter at an exact frequency point to coherently integrate the drivers.

Cryogenically treated, OCC single crystal pure copper conductors with Teflon dielectric in appropriate thicknesses are specially selected to ensure perfect signal transmission to the drivers.


Patented Surreal Acoustic Lenses

Patented Surreal Acoustic Lenses are now installed in the core center of our main drivers.

Surreal Acoustic Lenses are unique and are very effective in preventing the formation of vortex generated by air turbulence and related noise inherently present in cone shaped drivers.

Equipped with Surreal Acoustic lenses and free from the turbulence noise Taksim's drivers perform with enhanced clarity, natural tonal balance and wider dispersion.


Patented Magnetic Conduction Signal Wave Guides

Patented Magnetic Conduction Signal Wave Guides are assembled inside the binding post input connectors.

The Magnetic Conduction Signal Wave Guides allow for strong magnetism to keep the electrical signal flow aligned and the random pathways for electrons within and along the conductor is minimized.

This also promotes signal transfer where resistance to the signal is highest and where the greatest losses can take place.

Results are dynamic, open and spacious sound with greater detail retrieval.



Following the assembly in the Reference 3A facilities, all of the drivers are placed on a break-in rack with high-level test tones for at least seventy-two hours.

The drivers are then tested at several steps for meaningful matching to very tight tolerances. This is essential for realistic renditions of harmonics and spatial soundstage images.

The drivers will sound good out of the box but further break in period will be required to realize the full performance potential.
An average of 200 hours or longer, depending on the loudness levels, and type of music played will start revealing more sonic refinement.


Ideal Setup

Reference 3A recommends a minimum distance of three meters from each speaker to the listener and at least 20" from the wall for optimum acoustics.

Type:Two-way, ported floorstanding louspeaker
Driver complement:1" beryllium tweeter, 8" hyperexponential woven-carbon-fiber mid/bass driver
Sensitivity:92 dB
Impedance:8 Ohms
Frequency Response:31Hz to 40KHz
Power Handling:150 Watts RMS
Dimensions:46"x10"x16" (HxWxD) (117cm x 25cm x 40cm)
Weight:88 lbs (40 kg)
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