New Questyle CMA400i

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by Bacon Bits, Jun 1, 2017.
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  1. lugnut
    Would you please post a link ? Spent some time reading about the Kecess Amp, did not see this one. Thanks
  2. dpump
    Questyle Audio USA importer/distributor is non-responsive and untruthful. On December 7 I ordered and paid for a CMA400i FROM TTVJ (Todd the Vinyl Junkie). Todd was told his order of CMA400i would ship to him on December 11. Since I hadn't heard anything from Todd about my amp being shipped, I called Todd today to check on the status. His order did not ship on December 11 and now he is being told it will ship next week on the 18th or 19th. Todd was also told by the distributor that no one else in the USA had their 400i's shipped, but I can see that isn't true since there are reports here of people receiving their 400i that was ordered from Moon Audio.

    I assume Moon Audio is probably a larger dealer then TTVJ, but that is no excuse for the distributor to lie to Todd. That's not the way to treat your dealers or future customers. Not getting a good feeling about the distributor or Questyle. The 400i was shown at the 2017 CES this past January as a finished product and it has taken almost 1 year for the 400i to be available in the USA? Something doesn't seem right about that.
  3. Paulo Abreu
    I think that wasn’t really a finished product - at least in the case it wan’t, it didn’t have the machined sides + top removable cover, it was only a single blended steel sheet for top/sides, so ... maybe a few tweaks/finishing in circuit? Who knows. Anyway, I only found it available for purchase around September. Sure, dealers like to antecipate to keep their customers on hold...
  4. dpump

    Check this video from the January 2017 CES with Bruce Ball from Questyle USA by Tyll from Inner Fidelity. Bruce says the 400i will go into production in February 2017 and be available in March 2017. Quite a big difference from announcing that a product will be available in March 2017 to having it available in September 2017 and now December 2017 in the USA. I have grown tired of manufacturers playing this game of announcing a product many months before they know it will be available to try to generate interest so we consumers will hopefully keep waiting for it. If a manufacturer wants to preview a product ahead of production, they should be honest and upfront as to when it will actually be available for purchase. An experienced manufacturer should be able to be pretty accurate as to the timeframe of actually having the product available to be purchased; not just throw out a date to keep people in limbo.

    It's Questyle USA, not the dealers, who are keeping their customers on hold. Both TTVJ and Moon Audio told me that Questyle USA has been very uncooperative in their attempts to find out when the 400i would actually be available. Moon Audio still has on their website that they will be receiving their first shipment of the 400i in October 2017, even though they only received their first shipment in the past week or so. A very poor and misleading way of doing business, at least by Questyle USA.

    I don't appreciate being told my amp is shipping to TTVJ on December 11 and being charged $799 upfront on December 7 because Questyle USA told TTVJ the amp was shipping to him on December 11. Questyle USA also made TTVJ pay upfront for their entire 400i order before they would supposedly ship it on December 11. This is not the dealer keeping me on hold, this is Questyle USA misleading the dealer. Those of you who know or have dealt with Todd at TTVJ know he is as honest and upfront as they come and would never tell a customer something he didn't think to be true. If I didn't want the 400i so much and think it will be a great amp for me I would cancel my order and purchase something else. I guess I will eventually get my 400i, but instead of receiving it next week as I had thought with it supposedly shipping to me on December 14 or 15, it will very likely be early January now before I see it.
  5. w0nx
    Best amp I've had, so no complaints on sound.

    To recent posts - I think it's an unfortunate case of over-promising and under-delivering. Sounds like distributors were left as helpless as the consumers. More transparency from Questyle would have been nice...then again, it could have been Foxconn misleading Questyle? It all trickles down to frustrated customers. Hope you receive yours soon so we can get some more impressions of the product itself.
  6. Oscar-HiFi
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  7. JohnIgel
    I finally have some listening time with the CMA400i and it sounds really good! My preference for playback sound is for musicality, tonality and good definition. It took me years to convert from vinyl to CD as a source because I did not like compressed sound of early CD recordings. For the same reason I do not own an MP3 file. With the advent of HD music (96/24, DSD, etc) and software like JRiver to properly playback the files, music playback has reached the next level.

    Last year I picked up the iFi micro iDSD DAC/Amp and iUSB3.0 power supply for my desktop setup. Although these units sound really good, they just were not totally satisfying, lacking somewhat in the musicality department. The duo sound good but didn't have the fun 'I want to turn it up' sound.

    The CMA400i has everything that I enjoy in listening to music, tonality, separation, definition and musicality. I have a pair of Oppo PM-2 planer magnetic headphones and running the Oppo's through the balanced output is simply amazing! The control around bass notes is superb. The mid-range and vocals come alive without being overly accentuated. Highs are perfectly rendered. I hesitate to call this unit 'warm' but where the iFi equipment might have been a bit on the dry side, the CMA 400i has a rich tonality. Diana Krall's 'East of the Sun' from the 'Live in Paris' album has an upright bass that sounds fantastic, you can hear the wood resonating. Her piano twinkles with just the right piano sound, wonderful. The intro to 'Hotel California' on 'Hell Freezes Over' has a similarly well defined and rich sound. The guitars are crisp, clean and yet very musical. The bass kick-drum is immediate and very well controlled. Cassandra Wilson's recording of 'The Weight' is warm and rich with great tone. You might think that the CMA 400i has a tube in it if you didn't know better.

    I highly recommend the CMA 400i as a unit that makes you want to listen to your music without spending thousands of dollars.

    PS. So there were two loose screws inside the case that I managed to re-install after removing the top plate (2mm hex wrench). The unit worked fine despite having the screws rolling around during shipping.

    CMA 400i-1.jpg CMA 400i-2.jpg CMA 400i-3.JPG CMA 400i-4.JPG
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  8. bgbkt
    Is it true that DAC on this is no better than Modi 2?
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  9. Mkoll
    It's the same model of DAC (AKM AK4490). But there is no doubt that the each product implements it differently. So it won't sound the same as a Modi 2.
  10. gibby
    Can you share any other headphones you've tried? AFC?
  11. bgbkt
    Thanks. How's the DAC implementation in CMA400i compared to Modi 2.

    I would like to upgrade my Modi 2 (Multibit) and Magni 3 combo and wondering if just upgrading amp to Jot (AMP only) would be better option than getting CMA400i. Anyone has compared Jot with this and has any opinion?
  12. Mkoll
    I don't know enough to comment on the specifics. All I know is that the implementation matters. A quick look at the measured specs of each product shows this to be the case: same DAC chip, different measurements.
  13. spookanide
    Question for the people using the balanced 4pin XLR out.

    I just got some cables by Periapt for my LCD2, gotta say I love the slight bass emphasis it seems to have. Besides that do you guys notice a roomier presentation on the balanced out? Like I'm sitting further back from the music? Just out of curiosity.
    I can't really tell what I'm listening to since it's a different cable and I'm completely new to balanced out (used the new twisted LCD cables by Audeze before this. The amp's balanced out has had very little playtime.
  14. bgbkt
    For those of you who have tried this amp, would you consider sound to be more warm, neutral or bright?
  15. SomeGuyDude
    Seemed warm/neutral to me, but not terribly so. More just gently leaning that way.
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