New Questyle CMA400i

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by Bacon Bits, Jun 1, 2017.
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  1. spookanide
    Give it a week of daily use to burn in a little cause the character does change a bit, particularly in the highs.
  2. w0nx
    Both are amazing sources in my world. As the specs would suggest, Jotunheim definitely provides more power but the higher noise floor is my only nit. Hard to say on sound differences...may need to do some A/B switching.
  3. gman292
    So after some initial listening, here are some impressions that I get with the amp. Prior to the CMA400, I was using my Marantz home theater receiver to power my Elear. The Questyle seems to be more revealing as I seem to notice more detail and clarity while listening to music. Of course I also notice the peak more around 6 or 8k. Currently I am using the optical input from my PC. Overall I am impressed, I would not have expected much difference between amps, but does appear to be at least a little noticeable.
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  4. w0nx
    I'm noticing a little bias to the right at very low volume. What did you realize was your bad?
  5. JohnIgel
    My unit finally arrived yesterday, but before I fire it up I'm going to have to open the case and remove the loose screw that is rattling around inside! What a cluster; I'm not impressed with Moon-Audio (poor customer support and zero communication) nor is the QC at Questyle/Foxconn up to normal industry standards. I hope the damn thing at least sounds good. :angry:
    [End of Rant]
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  6. Oscar-HiFi
    Come on now, ocassionally a lemon leaves the factory. Lets hope you enjoy it, it's a super unit, a review recently went up on our website :D
  7. Paulo Abreu
    It will sound good! Sorry for that, the build and overall look of the inside and the care on how components and cables are settled is high, so that’s bad luck... hey, maybe you won an extra cover screw for free! Hope everything is fine and that you enjoy it.
  8. reiserFS
    Yeah, same here. Might be alright then.
  9. ostewart
    Pretty much all analogue pots have imbalance at the lowest setting, nothing to worry about :D

    Only stepped attenuators and digital controls have perfect channel balance at their lowest setting I believe
  10. reiserFS
    Yeah, I was coming from a stepped attenuator, so that had me worrying a bit :dt880smile:
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  11. w0nx
    Moon probably got a kick out of my indecisiveness...
    Pre-ordered in August
    Checked status
    Emailed to cancel pre-order
    Emailed back to cancel my request for cancellation
    Emailed back to cancel again
    Ordered Jotunheim
    Got 400i out of the blue...loved it
    Trying to decide which one to keep

    Interested to hear if you actually find a screw in there. I do hear some rattle, but it's the metal input and output button (which I love) on the front.
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  12. Paulo Abreu
    You mean the metal On/Off button, right?
  13. bahaja
    With IEM I also feel there was some channel imbalance because of using it on high gain. My right earpiece being louder than the left at 9-10 o clock position on the knob.
    On normal gain i don't experience any channel imbalance on low volume, both from single ended or balanced output.

    My only gripe with this thing is the noticable hiss on balanced output with my IEM. Tried changing from USB input to Optical but that doesn't solve the problem. It doesn't sound like its raining cats and dogs but still it is pretty annoying
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2017
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  14. w0nx
    No, I mean the two flat black buttons to the right of the orange kHZ indicators...they have a little play when shaken.
  15. Paulo Abreu
    Thanks for feedback. Didn’t notice the play on mine. What do you think about SQ?
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