New Questyle CMA400i

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by Bacon Bits, Jun 1, 2017.
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  1. Mkoll
    That's crazy expensive! The one I pre-ordered was around $50.
  2. reiserFS
    My CMA400i arrived yesterday, going to unpack it later and post a few initial impressions with the LCD2.2 compared to the Gustard A20H. Sadly, I won't be buying Gustard again due to their quality checks.
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  3. reiserFS
    Just fired up a track, this post will be updated with my findings throughout the coming week. But bloody hell, right of the bat that bass is amazing. The A20H can't even compare in that segment. Dead silent background as well, which wasn't the case with the offering from Gustard.

    Edit1: Man, the paring with the LCD-2 via the balanced output is amazing, much more so than the A20H, which was a dual mono configuration. Even though the CMA400i only uses one AKM DAC, it offers much better separation, detail, layering and soundstage. This makes me believe that the implementation on the A20H of the AKM DACs isn't actually done so well.

    More to come, with pictures..
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  4. Paulo Abreu
    The store I bought it has the rubber stand for those 149 euros... yikes!!!

    Meanwhile I decided to spare on the clear cover, had some remains of acrylic, a 10 minute craft, x-acto, drill and there you are :L3000: ...

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  5. reiserFS
    Looks gorgeous! Am I able to order one from you? :beyersmile:
    Yeah, bought it from Hifi-Passion, which is the reseller here in Germany.
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  6. Paulo Abreu
    Hi, thanks, it really looks good but that's most due to CM400i great looking internals.
    LOL, its really easy and fast to make it, the original cover is the perfect template for the drilling holes. I'm writing this and didn't check the price from hifi passion, I got the CMA400i from them. The original cover is better looking with the logos, etc.

  7. BunnyNamedCraig
    Hey @nigel801! Glad you were able to relate to my thoughts on the Clear video I did. I am not familiar with the amp/dac combo listening wise, but I have heard of it before. Once I get the 400i hooked up and get ample time with it, I will see how it fairs with the Clear (and also other headphones). Feel free to pm me if you want to chat more about amp/dac combos. with your help I could give you ideas of what could be a good pairing for your tastes. I just don't want to derail this thread by doing so ha.
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  8. reiserFS
    Anyone else noted some channel imbalance at low volume levels?

    Edit: Nvm, my bad.
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  9. spookanide
    The channel balance I noticed as something rather excellent over the pot actually, which you would expect at this pricepoint.
  10. gman292
    Whelp.. I just noticed moon audio charged my Amex for the CMA400i that I ordered a couple months ago. Looking forward to getting it soon and pairing it with my Elear!
  11. Mkoll
    It sounds like units destined for the US will be arriving soon. Very excited!!
  12. JohnIgel
    Finally! I just received shipping confirmation from Moon-Audio. My CMA400i is supposed to arrive next Wednesday, 13-Dec. I placed my order on 24-Jun, I hope the long wait is worth it. I'll give my impressions once it arrives.
  13. w0nx
    Fedex delivered mine today from Moon. Simple packaging, but the unit is beautiful. Powering single ended MDR-Z7s @ 12:00 and balanced M1060s @ 10:00, standard gain. Also dead silent for me at full tilt, runs cool to the touch. My ears aren't as evolved...but currently comparing to Jotunheim.
  14. Mkoll
    What are the notable differences you hear between them?

  15. reiserFS
    The CMA400i gets warm to the touch around 4-5 hours in. Still quite cool for a Class A amp though.

    Interesting bug I've found: I have USB from my PC and Optical from my PS4 hooked up: If I switch inputs from USB to Optical, the sound volume is really quite low until I let something start playing over the USB or turn the unit off and on. Does the USB part share paths with the Optical input? I honestly doubt that this was intended to be like this by Questyle.
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