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New purchase advice - edm-friendly budget iems

  1. YechiamTK
    Hello :)
    I'm looking to purchase new headphones for Android phone.

    My requirements are:
    1. Edm-friendly (obviously emphasize on bass, but without compromising normal mids and highs).
    2. Low cost (30-40$ top).
    3. Wired in-ear headphones.
    4. Mic+vol controls (must).
    5. Good noise isolation (doesn't need to be "active").
    6. Comfortable enough.
    7. Should be able to purchase on eBay (I'm from Israel and so purchasing from Amazon is a problem).
    I'm very used to my LG Quadbeat 2 which I think are underrated because they had very good audio quality and amazing noise isolation, while being very comfortable. I thought about simply buying another pair, but I think I want to try a higher tier headphones.

    I've done my fair bit of research where I've come up with the following products:
    1. Sony MDR-EX15AP/B
    2. Brainwavz Delta
    3. Symphonized NRG 3.0
    4. Panasonic Ergofit
    5. Betron YSM1000
    Most of these products are a bit pricy to me (at least on eBay, I do know that on Amazon they are cheaper but unfortunately that doesn't help me). If you guys have any other suggestion I'm more than happy to receive it.

    My main question though is whether these products, with their price tag, are worth their cost instead of buying another pair of Quadbeat 2 (which are less than half the price of the other products here)? My problem is because the Quadbeats are relatively old I can't find any comparison between them and any of the other options..

    Any help is appreciated!
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2019
  2. DankAudio
    The KZ line of IEM's, as well as the CCA C10, Tin Audio T2(Pro) and TRN IEM's are all decent if not good options for such a price point :)
  3. buke9
    Yep the KZ ZS5 would be a good edm choice. Have them and good and bassy and a bit bright.
    serman005 likes this.
  4. YechiamTK
    Thanks for the recommendations!
    Though.. I must add that volume controls are a must for me. Unfortunately I've gotten so used to these buttons that I can't look at any other iems.
  5. YechiamTK
    Bumping, for a chance of another suggestion taking my last post in mind.

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