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[New] Philips Fidelio X1

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by manveru, Aug 15, 2012.
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  1. communic
    anyone know if the earpads can be removed?
  2. Noir7
    i think someone said its removeable, but correct me if wrong :D
  3. manveru
    I don't remember anyone mentioning it. Would that they do though. However, given the unfortunate fact that none of Philips' other headphones have removable pads I wouldn't be surprised if they don't.
  4. Theblatt
    hey all--just wanted to say if there are other folks geeking out wanting to order these, it's pretty easy to order from the philips UK web store and have them ship to a forwarding address.  with the discount they're offering, you'll still end up paying less than it will sell for here in the US--whenever it is they finally start selling... hit me up if you want more info on how to set that up in about 5 min.
    anyway, new to the forum--found by googling this headphone.  have built up quite a nice stereo system over the years but never was too much into headphones--this site definitely piqued my interests, though, and i just ordered a FiiO AMP/DAC combo (E09/E17) to hear for myself the difference going to an amplified setup makes.
    i'll let ya'll know how it sounds with the X1 :)
  5. audionewbi
    I dont see the X1 in their headphone category, are you sure you didnt order the L1?
  6. HelloHell
    Only 1 post... hmm
  7. Theblatt
    Yeah, it's definitely the X1:
    But you are right, I had to come back to find this link in order to find the product page.  I'm not sure what's going with this product, but it's pretty clear they're not really trying to sell it...?  At least, not right now.  Maybe they can't meet supply, and they are waiting to do a full rollout until they can meet demand....?
    But in the meantime, mine are on the way :)
  8. audionewbi
    Will decide by this friday whether I should order it or not, excellent find, apperciate it greatly. 
  9. Theblatt
    OK so folks are hitting me up and I've blown out my limit of 2 (really??) daily PMs.
    Anyway, it's no big mystery or Nigerian Prince scam (just because it's my first post)--just trying to hook a brother up (and make sure no one gets fleeced for $600 on eBay).  I know I geeked out a couple days, calling philips, etc only to strike out in the US.  So, I just found a forwarding service that's actually geared towards UK expats but works just was well in this instance.
    I signed up with forward2me.com.  2GBP to signup (~$3 via paypal), and within 3 minutes I had a UK mailing address (plus some second up-sell insurance address--just use your credit card to order the cans and you'll be protected).  2 Minutes later an order placed with Philips.  This morning an email confirming they're on they're way to my UK address.  The pacakge will cost about 30GBP to send onto the US.  All told it comes out to $368 us including shipping.  Cheaper than the MSRP here.
    Good luck guys--let me know who hooks 'em up and what they think!
    lenardgabor likes this.
  10. MrScratch
    I'd like to get one pair, but I don't want them that badly. :xf_eek:
    I'll have to wait until those damned cans hit the Italian market. C'mon Philips, get a move on and take my money! :D
  11. Theblatt
    I head back from the Philips rep and even he doesn't know what's going on...If you're in italy, I'm sure there are cheaper options for transport--and that 30% discount is pretty sweet...:wink:
    Meanwhile, I got the E17 this site inspired me to get, and I gotta say, WOW.  A/Bing on my old Senheisser HD580s through my iMac listening to Wish you were here remastered on Echoes in Apple Lossless--I think I may have had to dab a tear.  I don't know that I've ever heard quite the depth and fullness in this recording--maybe not even on my stereo system listening to 24 bit SACD in 5.1 (and my stereo is way more audiophile than my headphones--and like 20x the price!).  
    Can't wait for those X1s :)
  12. bizkid
    After some days with the X1 i have to say that i cant remember hearing such punchy bass in any headphone, probably even surpassing the L3000 in that regard. The mids also became a bit clearer after having 20-30 hours on them. Great engineering from Philips. Punchy bass and open headphones was something that just didnt came together till now.
  13. DannyBai
    Thanks for keeping us up to date.  I can't wait to get my hands on a pair of these. 
  14. Defiant00
    Have you heard any of the recent planars, or is this primarily in comparison to the L3000s?
  15. bizkid
    Nope, haven't heard the LCDs or Hifiman headphones yet, that is only in comparison to the L3000.
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