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New open back cans from $150-300

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hirtmic, Feb 19, 2013.
  1. hirtmic
    So recently I've come to a bit of extra money and I'm looking into getting my first set of open back speakers for at home use. I currently have a Fii0 e70k so im hoping that will power what ever I get. So as the tittle says I am looking at headphones under $300 dollars. I am currently using v-moda m-100's for portable and at home with my e7 and  would like to have something that is better than them for at home.
    the music I listen to is a lot of EDM, hip-hop lighter rock ( such as folk and such), and jazz. I do like a little punch of base to my music especially with my hip hop and edm.
    The cans im looking into getting are the beyerdynamic dt 990 pro 250 ohms, and the Sennheiser models with in that price range. If you have any other suggestions or opinions that would be amazing because I am really not sure what headphones to get at the moment.
    Edit: Also I stream video games and such for a living now and I do have a condenser mic about 2-3 feet away from my head, do you think open headphones are really going to affect the mic and such?
  2. MalVeauX
    The DT990 would be excellent for what you're doing.
    And the condenser mic will be fine at that range even with open headphones. There may be slight echo of what its recording from what comes through your headphones, but it shouldn't be out of control.
    Very best,
  3. hirtmic
    Thank you so much for the feed back! especially with the condenser mic, I was really worried about that.
  4. j123my
    If you don't mind getting used, I recommend sennheiser HD600/650. I love my HD600 for jazz. And they should go with you a long way since they scale well with amps.
  5. hirtmic
    the HD 600/650s are a little bit out of my budget right now, but maybe if I get some more recommendations for it ill consider them
  6. j123my
    If you are patient enough, you can find some HD600s (very good condition) for below $300 both on the FS forum and on ebay. Sometimes HD650s get close to $300 too. Just saying. [​IMG]

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