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New Nagra HD DAC

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by isquirrel, Aug 12, 2014.
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  1. paulchiu
    Current Cary 300SEI ships with Genalex Gold Lion 300B, they are excellent for classical, ensembles and jazz. Vocals are sweet, especially female voices.
    They are not as detailed as some higher priced 300B like Emission Labs. When I bought my 300SEI back in the 90s, they shipped with Western Electric 300Bs.
    The sound from these <$200 a pair Gold Lions are similar to the WE 300Bs.

    No, Cary 300SEI is not overkill. From time to time, Cary sells direct the 300SEI at a great discount.
  2. Rossliew
    Hmm am wondering if the Cary is suitable for playing back more aggressive music like heavy metal. The lush sound may be a disservice to this genre of music.
  3. paulchiu
    Probably when used with the DAVE
  4. Rossliew
    Could you elaborate what you mean? Was the DAVE too aggressive/forward or otherwise?
  5. paulchiu
    Just very precise with sharp tones. DAVE can handle the overbearing volume of sounds (2,3 or 4 ESP LTD Metal Guitars) without killing me while using headphones. If that helps.
  6. Rossliew
    Ah OK, I get what you mean now. The source is important as well. Perhaps a NOS type dac may not be such an ideal pairing. Thanks again.
  7. bmichels
    I see that the HD DAC has two AES input, but... can they be used in « dual Mode » : I/E booth connected to My Aurender W20 in parallel to double bandwidth ?

    Thanks for your advices
  8. paulchiu
    Maybe if you change the internal jumpers, but as far as I know, it's only up to 192 Khz at 24 bits for either AES 1 or 2, not 1+2
    BTW, I tried Aurender W20 and a few other Aurenders but like the Roon Nucleus+ even more using solid silver USBx2 cabling.
  9. paulchiu
    Nagra HD DAC IMG_0199E.jpg
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  10. KHADIS

    did one already upgraded the Nagra HD DAC to the new digital board ?


    Last edited: Dec 9, 2018
  11. bmichels
    Has anyone bought or tested the new "Tube DAC", which is the name of the "upgraded HD DAC" ?
  12. KHADIS
  13. KHADIS
    What should I say.
    It is worth to update the HD-DAC
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2019
  14. bmichels
    can you elaborate a little ? :smile_phones:
  15. beaux
    The tube dac is priced at 29000usd, which is 4000 more expensive than hd dac. Out of my reach. I got a deal of hd dac from my local dealer. It should be arriving at home this week! Can't wait :)
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