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new mp3 for me (sound quality and at least 50 gb)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by yuval15324, Jul 7, 2012.
  1. yuval15324
    hello, sorry for my english.
    im looking for a mp3 player for me.
    i need a good sound quality, at least 50 gb and a touch screen
    i need it only for music, i dont need games wifi and stuff...
    i heard the cowon j3 is really good, but i cant find it anywhere, can you recommend an other player for me?
    (by the way, im using the earphone Vsonic GR06 if it matter)
    and one more thing, i need it to support hebrew songs (title,artist, album)
  2. yuval15324
    bump :)
  3. KT66
    whats most important to you, sound quality or size of memory?
  4. tds101
    iPod touch 64gb + an equalizer app: EQu, Equalizer, SonicMax Pro, etc. The touch is much better than you think, and the sq now equals most Cowon & Sony players.

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