New modular DAC/headamp/preamp from Vienna
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Oct 24, 2004
Mini DACPre

Wolfson DAC, TI headamp...

No idea about shipping outside the EU, but has a multitude of options, including balanced outputs, remote control, and I2S input - might be worth considering if in Europe
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Interesting unit... very similar to latest chinese offerings but made in EU, they use in fact one of HiFi2000 well know DIY cases. It is limited to 48kHz by USB, probably using the usual BB 270x chip.
Its integrated amp is no slouch neither, with dac, Squeezebox PSU (!) and no less than four toroidal transformers (!!) inside...
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Yes, there's a 48kHz limit for USB with our supplied converter. But nowadays you can choose between so many nice external USB to SPDIF converters - even with I2S outputs.

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