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New model Cowon - Plenue D2

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by tiddlywinks, Jan 1, 2019.
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  1. bachankas
    Hello, does Plenue D2 support ReplayGain?
  2. taffy2207
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  3. bachankas
    Thanks. I do not see a single info about ReplayGain. Does you PD support it?
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2019
  4. silverfishla
    The sound of the D2 has continually impressed me. The DSP functions are so good. I don’t think I could ever get another dap that couldn’t do what this one does. Cowan, I am a fan!
  5. taffy2207
    I posted the links to the manuals as general information, not as a reply to your question (or I would have quoted your original post in replying). I have no idea if the PD supports ReplayGain as I don't use it. You would probably be better off contacting Cowon directly and asking them if the D2 supports it :thumbsup:
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2019
  6. goatkidbaahcity
    Anybody listened to Andromedas through this? Any audible noise/hiss with these/similar sensitive IEM's?
  7. aaDee
    Still waiting for more comparisons in the same price range. Anyone has tried D2 and DX120 both?
  8. mbphotox
    You won't hear a difference...
    Invest in good earphones/headphones and BUY good music.

    Why is everyone wasting so much money on daps?

    Still no update to remove the frigging database update on startup?
    Haven't used my D2 in weeks because of this.
    taffy2207 and NotKunvinced like this.
  9. maira
    Better speak for your own maybe. YOU hear no difference.
  10. silverfishla
    I’ve got my D2 filled up and the database startup is like 45 seconds. Does yours take more time than that?
    Edit: Actually, it’s about 25 seconds
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2019
  11. aaDee
    I can hear the difference between a Cowon, a Fiio, a Shanling and a LG G7. Already own BGVP DM6 and I guess they are pretty good earphones.
    I can understand the frustration of buggy software. We definitely don't expect basic flaws at this price.
    I loved my previous Cowons for the sound tweaking capabilities but DX120 is also highly praised dap in the same price range.
  12. silverfishla
    My Sony Z5 sound absolutely gorgeous on this device. Balanced BBE Viva baby!!!
  13. PaganDL


    Regarding the PD 2 vs DX 120 sound, it is all subjective & personal, depends what you are looking for as well as if anything else is important to you aside from sound.

    As owner for both DAPs, I like both but I tend to use PD 2 more than DX 120, mainly due to the higher battery life (though nothing can compare to the PD where battery life is concerned) & overall quieter noise floor as I have a few sensitive IEMs & impedence adapters like IEMatch don't usually work for me.

    Honestly, I find more random software issues with iBasso though those tend to be fixed quickly with the next update but sometimes issues to still occur.
    Cowon software if you have not already noticed rarely has issues.

    Hope you have a great day !
    aaDee likes this.
  14. aaDee
    Thanks @PaganDL . That helps a lot. Also if you can give more details on the sound apart from noise floor, it will help me to take a final call.
    I remember Cowon has strong bass but don't remember if it was clean or bloated on S9.
  15. mbphotox

    Sorry, but it had to be called out!
    Please, wise men, enter a competition with controlled ABX testing and report your failure afterwards.

    I agree, the "feeling" you get from music may vary depending on how much you enjoy the experience and that this can be influenced by the right user experience delivered by a player.
    Also, there are some players that simply don't pair well with certain IEMs, simply because they are not used within specifications.

    But, that doesn't mean that the player has a "sound"!

    Hundreds of tests and studies have been performed to support my "speaking for myself" but none could ever prove me wrong.
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