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New model Cowon - Plenue D2

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by tiddlywinks, Jan 1, 2019.
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  1. shigzeo Contributor
    The D2 isn’t at all bombastic.
  2. mbphotox
    The Plenue R offers 5 times less battery life..
    One should keep that in mind, especially if you already have a high end dap with awesome dac chip(s).

    I haven't yet gotten around to do my comparison,but I expect to not hear a difference between FiiO X5II, cowon j3, and PD2...
  3. mbphotox
    I fear, there's something terribly wrong with my unit.

    I use a 3.5mm jack to dual mono 6.3mm jack cable to connect my daps to the studio monitors in the living room (still waiting to get my A/V receiver back) and never had any issues in the past months.

    Currently, the air is incredibly dry (as in, you get an electric shock when you touch a metal door handle after taking off your merino shirt), and whenever I walk over to grab the PD2 to switch to a different album, I get an electric jolt shooting through my finger upon touching the dap and then the PD2 switches off!

    When I tyrn it back on, it goes back to the album last played BEFORE I switched it on that evening.

    Meaning: I play "brothers in arms" in the evening, then go to bed.
    In the morning, it starts at BiA, but I switch to "chasing pirates" and play that for an hour. Then I walk over to switch to a different album, get hit by electricity and pd2 switches off.
    Turn it back on, it starts at "Brothers in arms".

    Is there a manufacturing defect with the casing (as in, a short circuit?) that will eventually fry the entire unit, or is this because of my monitoring speakers (active speakers)?

    They (the speakers) create an immense ground loop when connected to the isolator box... It's actually quite scary.

    (there's a cow hide carpet on the floor, that slightly charges you up when walking on fluffy socks or crocs, but nowhere near as bad as the shirt issue)
  4. Soundtrap
    I think your speakers are cause of this issue, simply because PD2 is incapable of sending out that much current to cause notable electrostatics. I am running my old X7 beside my bed as a wake up/ music alarm connected to my Edifier mini speakers with the Sub woofer (also active) and never had any issues with getting zapped. I think you are lucky for not damaging your PD2 - yet!
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2019
  5. mbphotox
    I too believe that it's the speakers. However, why is the issue only present with the pd2, and not any of my auther daps?

    What could be the cause for this?
  6. Photoman
    Can someone please tell me how's the sound stage of the d2 is?
  7. Soundtrap
    Are your other players made of metal?
  8. mbphotox
    @Soundtrap yeah, the FiiO X5II is, afaik.

    @Photoman not to burst your bubble, but the soundstage is entirely dependent on your headphones, their placement on your head, and the anatomy of your head/ears. (plus your psychoacoustic perception)

    Just try it with loudspeakers and you will see what a massive difference placement makes.
  9. sebna
    No it is not entirely dependent on the speakrs / HPs. Source, software, amplification and cables play role.

    PD2 has very weak sound staging capabilities. In general it is warm and lacks in resolution. The only two good things about it is battery life and EQ and as I do not like EQing the music it leaves me only with battery life.

    It is not worth its asking price unless your priority is to have warm and fuzzy sounding source with all spacial information lost and drawn in its fuzziness.

    If you are after neutral and faithful reproduction then avoid this DAP. It might be good for some POP and low quality music if you want to mask its dreadful mastering but if you listen to live instruments, classical, jazz and quality masters from other geners then Cowon PD2 will be a very poor companion.

    I mean if you looking for commute player then maybe it will be as good as any other but if you want to do also some critical listening on it then you simply will not be able to as so much information is lost.

    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
  10. mbphotox

    Your post isn't worth more words .
    Cable sound.. LoL
    shigzeo likes this.
  11. sebna
    So not only clueless but also with limited hearing?
  12. jmills8
    So if you did use the EQ the music from the D2 will sound good, but because you put a rule onto yourself to never use any EQ then you have a bad sounding dap with a good battery life ? Brilliant.
    mbphotox likes this.
  13. shigzeo Contributor
    What are you talking about man?
    mbphotox likes this.
  14. sebna
    If you did not get what I wrote I suggest you re read it.

    If you have some actually constructive questions, ask away. I might answer those.

  15. sebna
    It is kind of funny when people read your post and then write stuff which has no relation to the post they reply to and claim that this is what the original post has said.

    I never said in my original post that the EQ of D2 will make music sound good. I also never said that I put a rule on myself to not use EQ. But keep going I guess you are having fun putting words into my mouth. Lets see what else you will come up with.

    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
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