New Mexico Winter Meet (March 17, 2018)



  1. Santa Fe

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  2. Albuquerque

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  3. Honolulu

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  4. Paris

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  5. Cancun

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  1. Tybot
    I look forward to coming by but will probably have to walk to wherever it’s held. Can’t afford gas after my last 18 months of headphone purchases. I seriously need to sell some of my former favorites by the pound.
  2. dontfeedphils
    Depending on when this happens, I might make my way over from PHX.
  3. Allanmarcus
    You all are welcome. We'll finalize the date in late January.
  4. koover
    I’m thinking about driving down for a few days to hook up with you guys. Is the date finalized?
    If I do attend, I’ll probaly be bringing a condensed version of what I have.

    Aeon Flow open
    TH-X00 modded Purplehearts
    LY2 with a bunch of tubes
    Sys of course

    Edit: I see you haven’t finalized date yet. Let me know when you can so I can reserve the time off from work please.

    Last edited: Dec 28, 2017
  5. SilverLodestar
    I’d be down for a meet up this year (I didn’t know there were so many New Mexico users). Keep me updated on a finalized date!
  6. Allanmarcus
    Pencil in March 17th! More info to come.

    Please post what you are bringing. If you just want to come a listen, that's great too, but let us know so we have a feel for numbers.
  7. Allanmarcus
    OK, March 17. We really need to get a head count, so please post if you can attend, and if possible, what you will bring.

    We will probably need a few tables and chairs, so if you can bring any, please let us know.

    Note: I'm updating the second post with an aggregated list of equipment and people.
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  8. HeroXLazer
    I should be able to come, but I want to confirm with my father. Also, where will it be?
  9. phthora
    I'll be there. I can bring the following:

    Audeze LCD-2F 2016
    HiFiMan HE400i v2 (ZMF Ori Lambskin)
    HiFiMan HE560 v2 (Dekoni Sheepskin)
    MrSpeakers ÆON C

    iFi Micro iDSD Black Label DAC/amp
    Violectric HPA v90 amp
    Onkyo DP-X1 DAP

    I can also bring whatever IEMs I have, if people have an interest in that.

    I am currently working on replacing all my headphones, since my most of my collection was stolen, so I may have additions/changes to make to the above as I sort things out.
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  10. Allanmarcus
    Hope to see you there. It will be in Corrales, which is just north of Albuquerque and east of Rio Rancho.
  11. JimL11
    I plan to be there. I brought too much stuff last time, so this time I plan to bring:

    HeadAmp BHSE stat amp
    SRX-Plus stat amp
    Stax SR-007 Mk II with port mod
    Stax SR-009

    If there is interest I can also bring a Stax SRM-T1 with constant current modification.
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  12. Allanmarcus
    Just bring a working DAC! :) I'll make sure I bring all the cables I need this time.
  13. JimL11
    Doh! Right.
  14. koover
    I’m still thinking about it. I won’t know until mid February if it’ll work out for me. I’ll let you know when you’re down here.
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  15. Allanmarcus
    Our meet is pretty small. Even with the large meet in AZ, the drive is only worth it since we need to be there anyways, and the timing just worked out.
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