New Mexico Winter Meet (March 17, 2018)



  1. Santa Fe

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  2. Albuquerque

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  3. Honolulu

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  4. Paris

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  5. Cancun

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  1. Allanmarcus
    We are setting' a date! March 17 at driguy's house in Corrales. Address info to come.

    11-4. I recommend you eat hartily before hand so you can last the afternoon. This is a residential area, so no food to buy nearby.

    If you post what you are bringing, I will aggregate in the second post in this thread.
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  2. Allanmarcus
    • Eddie Current Black Widow 2 amp
    • Schiit Bimby (gen 5)
    • PMx2 (Gen 1)
    • Utopia
    • Fostex TH900 mk2
    • Sennheiser HD600
    • MassDrop Sennheiser HD6xx (HD650 equivalent)
    • Koss ESP950 with Vesper pads
    • For sale: Schiit Gumby and MJ2.
    • For sale: Update Regen Amber
    • Audeze LCD-2F 2016
    • Audeze LCD-X 2017
    • HiFiMan HE400i v2 (ZMF Ori Lambskin)
    • HiFiMan HE560 v2 (Dekoni Sheepskin)
    • MrSpeakers ÆON C
    • iFi Micro iDSD Black Label DAC/amp
    • Violectric HPA v90 amp
    • Onkyo DP-X1 DAP
    • Audio-gd NFB-28.38
    • HeadAmp BHSE stat amp
    • SRX-Plus stat amp
    • Stax SR-007 Mk II with port mod
    • Stax SR-009
    • Mystery DAC
    • Blue Hawaii Special Edition
    • Modded T1 Stax amp
    • JH Audio Layla
    • ATHM50
    • Aune T1
    • TBD
    • tubed electrostatic amp
    • Mr. Speakers electrostatic (Voce)
    • Some kick-ass custom really really high end tube amp he designed and built
    • Probably a Mojo Audio Mystique v3 DAC
    • Stax SRM-T1 amp
    • Audio Note level 5 DAC
    • old school Stax Lambda Signatures, which I just rebuilt
    • entry level Stax 404's
    • Sony PHA-3
    • Sony ZX1
    • Sony MDR-Z7 running in balanced mode
    • Audeze EL-8 balanced
    • modded Denon D5000
    • laptop with Tidal and a hardware MQA decoder
    • TBD

    • @HeroXLazer
    • An Anonymous Participant
      • x5ii with lots of HiRes source
      • x-head head amp from av123 (now defunct)
      • ATH MSR7
      • Sony MDR1-A
      • Beyer DT-770
      • Massdrop HD6XX
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  3. phthora
    December 2nd is the SAT and December 9th is the ACT, both working days for me, I'm afraid. Either Santa Fe or Albuquerque is fine by me though.

    What about the 16th of December?
  4. JimL11
    I won't be available after Dec 9, but the other dates are OK. Either Santa Fe or Albuquerque is fine, although Albuquerque is more local for me.
  5. phthora
    Perhaps we should push this into 2018? With holidays season coming up, that may be our best bet for including everyone.

    November 18th also works for me, however.
  6. Allanmarcus
    I think it’s best to push this into 2018.
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  7. phthora
    You know, perhaps we could start a few informal mini-meet-ups. For example, I bought the AEONs when they came out and would be happy to meet up with anyone that would like to have a listen. In turn, I'm thinking about buying the LCD-2F and would love an opportunity to demo them a bit before committing the cash. Perhaps those interested/available could meet for a few hours to hear a few cans...
  8. paradoxper
    November wont work for me, however, I may be available for a December date.
  9. CoFire
    I'm down for mini meets. I have some new equipment, rather borrowing it, that I think would be worth listening to. I can set up a mini meet at the same library as the last meet (Albuquerque - Cherry Hills), what's a good date? I think December is a bad idea, just too close to the holidays.
  10. tmarshl
    Great idea! I would prefer 2018 as well. December is already busy.
  11. drbluenewmexico
    2018 please would be better!
  12. Allanmarcus
    March 2018 is looking good. Tony (driguy) may host. First post updated.
  13. soundkist
    Definitely interested! :)
  14. HeroXLazer
    I know this is late, but I would come. I don't have any headphones, since I was planning on buying some, but I haven't yet, but I'm building an O2+ODAC... :)

    P.S. Is it okay that I'm under 18?
  15. Allanmarcus
    It is no problem. Welcome aboard.
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