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New Member & Question on Shanling M3s + RHA Dacamp L1

  1. oakparkmusicguy
    Hi everyone! Brand new here. I'm a music teacher and finally upgraded my personal listening setup.
    I recently bought a Shanling M3s and an RHA Dacamp L1. Both are nice devices!
    I'd like to use them together via a USB cable rather than 1/8" audio cable.
    I connected them but the connection only worked once. Ever since then the Shanling won't connect to the RHA via USB. I tried different cables and using different firmware on the Shanling but no success.

    Any ideas?
    Thank you!
  2. kukkurovaca
    Have you tried using the RHA with other sources via USB, to determine if the problem is on the Shanling's side or the RHA's?

    I don't think there's any configuration required to get the M3s to send a digital signal over USB, it should just detect when you've got an external dac connected.
  3. oakparkmusicguy
    Thanks for the reply!
    I think it's an issue with the M3s. I just tried the RHA with an Android via USB and it worked. When I connect the M3s to the RHA via USB it tried to charge the RHA. I'm going to order the cable USB cable that Shanling makes. I did tried several cables I have but they all want to charge the RHA. It's just odd that it worked once and never again.

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