new member looking for recs on DAP & DAC/Amp
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May 4, 2015
Hi there,

I am excited to have finally joined today....

I've spent the last 20 years in the music business, both as a Producer and principal of an Artist Management company.  With all the massive changes in the business and the technology, its time for me to update my portable playback setup.  I am way out of date!

I need a new, low-cost DAP, so I'll probably go for the FiiO X3 vii ..... unless you have better recs for under $400

My questions -

1)  With the FiiO X3 vii as source, any rec's the best IEM's under $200 ?

2)  What is good portable companion DAC / Amp for the FiiO X3 vii to better power the HifiMan HE-560 phones?  

3)  Would the Geek Out V2 even be in this category...or... is it strictly for laptop sourced playback?

thanks for your help!

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Dec 16, 2011
grand rapids, mi
1) The X3 should be able to power any IEMs you chose. So pick which IEMs seem most interesting to you. This list might help: Click on the headphone model # to read a review.

2) I have the HE-400s, which are a bit easier to drive. The Fiio E12 does OK. I've heard the Cayin C5 come up a lot lately as a powerful portable headphone amp: You might google "cayin c5 head-fi" to find discussion and reviews.

3) I'm pretty sure that the Geek Out is meant to be powered by the device it would hook up to. I doubt a portable DAP would be capable of that. You need an amp that has it's own battery.

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