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Hi Just moved to the US have been a music lover and audiophile since the 80's. Current set up 64 Audio a12t with Effect Audio Leonidas II with SR15, previous Beyer T5p, . Sennheiser HD 800.
in the DC area.

I just ordered a pair of a12t. Also in the DC area. Would love to hear your impressions of the Leonidas II pairing there.

Welcome from another DC area member. :beerchug:
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Welcome from another DC area member. :beerchug:
Thanks the Leonidas just open everything up everything has gained transparency and clarity, bass is stronger but not overpowering i love them, just be careful installing i had the dealer do it because the pin connectors are super tight on the 64 Audio. I wouldn't recommend buying any adapters from effect audio though i had three in Australia all faulty. I would let you try them I just don't want to freak out about breaking the A12t shell removing the cables. My only complaint with the A12t is the case. i sent an email to 64 Audio and didnt even get a reply which was dissapointing!

the case is only suitable for their cables and I would say even then it could do with a better design, anyone here have a great case they absolutly love?
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Really 64 Audio has a different bag that can be used.
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Greetings from Spain. I was tired of mediocre headsets so I decided to upgrade to a set of decent headphones. For a newbie I considered the ATH-M40x from Audio-Technica to be a pretty good option, and having tested them they're basically what I was expecting or even better. So yeah, happy to be here!
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Hello all.

Abridged Player history:
iRiver iFP-190
iRiver Clix 2

Strongly considering getting a SR15 so I'll be grinding through the forums to see how everyone feels about it.

Current Headphones:
Sony WH-1000XM3
iriver IDP-1000 earbuds (my last pair of IDP-1000i buds died 2 weeks ago ☹ )

I prefer a normal earbud over anything that goes to the inner ear. Suction doesn't appeal to me and in my experience, just doesn't give me enough sound and bass. I'm not a bass junky but when it belongs, it belongs.

I consider myself to be an above-averagel audiophile (just not a huge "technical jargon" audiophile).

I'm on the journey of reburning my better CD's to .flac, but otherwise, high quality mp3 is fine. I'm not as familiar with other audio formats.

I probably fall short of needing a DAC or amplifier for audio quality needs. I figure with my tinnitis, it might cancel out the benefits!

Nice to meet everyone.

PS, I reside in the DC Metro area.
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Jan 16, 2020 at 5:45 PM Post #11,036 of 15,736
Hi, been lurking this forum for quite a long amount of time but just now got around to actually making an account. I'm somewhere between an intermediate and beginner audio snob due to demo-ing way too many headphones. :)
Jan 17, 2020 at 9:44 PM Post #11,037 of 15,736
Hi to all. My name's Ron and I live in northern Alberta. I have a decent (not at all spectacular) stereo system (Allison AL-115s and a Marantz SR4023 receiver) but seldom use it due to neighbours. So, for the last good while, I've been listening using a Sansa Fuze and over-the-counter earbuds, or plugging my OTC earbuds or my 598s in to my computer. For the past few years, always FLAC for source files

Recently, however, I've developed a renewed interest in better sound, at least within a budget. With lots of insights from this site over the past months, I now listen either from my computer or my phones (S8+ and P30Pro) through a Hidizs S3, or my buds and an AP80.

I prefer earbuds to large headsets like my 598s, or in-ear monitors, and also using info from this site, my present buds are VE Monk+ (much of the time), Faaeal Datura Pro (which I originally found harsh, but find I like and use more and more), and JVC HA-F160 Gumy (for sleeping--always). I have a NICEHCK B40 set on the way, and I'm open to suggestions for other earbuds, as well as suggestions for an effective but budget USB DAC/AMP setup for my computer.

Here to learn. And to treat my ears nice, again. My wallet might take some damage, I understand that :)

Relevant background: 55 years as a pro or semi-pro musician. 65 years as a music listener.
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Hello Head-Fi'ers,

Back into audio after 30 years.

Just got a pair of KEF R3's with Topping D90, Schiit Freya+ and Aegir. We have come a long way in the last 30 years. I don't do analog transports. Got my first CD player (Phillips CD104) in 1984 and I never looked back.

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Hi, I'm a (hobbyist) music producer/podcaster and started toying around these forums ages ago for tips and just finally got around to signing up. Use KRK VST 6 studio monitors, Behringer K10S subwoofer, MXL 770, and use/have used a wide variety of headphones (B&W, Philips, ATH, Meze, etc.) for audio checking and mastering. Looking forward to learning more as a contributor!
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I am new to the posting side of this site. I run a small home studio. I use a KRK rokit 6 as my monitors trough a Slate Digital VRS8 mastering grade interface. I am just starting into the CIEM for studio use. But also just using them for pleasure as well.

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