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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. sererinn
    Just got a set of Takstar Pro 82.
    Looking now to replace the cable that comes with it but its proving to be a little though to find something around Europe.
  2. serman005
    Welcome, @judson_w!! Hold on to that wallet... ---)
  3. judson_w
    Thanks. I did spend a small amount today to buy new preamp tubes for the Valhalla 2 after reading a bit here.
  4. Ipek
    Hello. I joined after seeing the section where users can buy and sell gear. Seeing prices notably lower than what can be found on Amazon, it felt silly to delay membership any longer.

    I hope to learn a lot and hopefully one day have enough knowledge and wisdom in matters of sound technology that I might help someone else learn.
  5. mackdonz
    You are also welcome mate. Enjoy this great community!
  6. john_125
    Just got into the headfi gang after many years of lurking
    Looking now to replace my Shures with something with more sub-bass
  7. Reliance
    Hi all,
    Just new here and looking forward to share and discover.
  8. Markfm
    Misplaced post - wrong thread :)
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2018
  9. Laotian
    Hey all,

    Found my way to this website through AVExchange on Reddit. Hopefully looking to get into new headphones from the exchange.
  10. VickyLovesHeadphones
    Hi everyone,
    I like modifying headphones and reading your suggestions. They've been very helpful. Thanks!
  11. serman005
    Welcome aboard, @VickyLovesHeadphones!! You are in the right place... ---)
  12. D35_Johnson
    I have visit this site several times over the years, usually looking for reviews or info on various DAPs or earphones.

    Many years ago I started -- as did many others, I suspect -- with some of the original iPods. My last was the 160GB Classic, which is still operational and I use it in the car due to it's link to the audio controls.

    Recently, I bought a FIIO X5ii, mostly because it used two microSD cards and could easily hold all my music, even with the 128GB cards that were the maximum size recognized at the time.

    When the wheel navigation began to skip and jump as I attempted to scroll through lists, I looked around again and decided on the Cayin N5ii.

    On the earphone side, I've currently got a pair of Sennheisers that I only use while trying to get to sleep on camping trips as the fit flush to the side of my head and I can lie comfortably on a pillow with them inserted. I have a pair PSB earphones (I cannot recall the model). And my latest acquisition: a pair of 1MORE Quad driver earphones. (Love the sound!)

    I also have two pairs of AKG headphones for use at home: one pair in the computer room upstairs (K 271 Mk II) and the other downstairs next to the stereo system (K550). Most headphones start to hurt my ears after a short time: the AKGs can be worn for hours with very little discomfort.
  13. miley
    Hey all,
    Im Miley. - I am just getting into headphones and etc. I currently have a few Sennheiser ear buds, a AKG K240mkII, and a Pioneer SE500. Joined here to expand my knowledge and find out a lot more about amps and possibly modding.
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  14. Pavioni
    New on this site but not with audio including phones, bought my first real rig in 1973 (Dual TT,Sherwood receiver,Large Advents and Senn HD-414's)
    Lurked and learned here, now time to return the favor with 45 years of chasing that elusive Eureka! moment when it all comes together.

    Currently using HE-400i,Senn HD558, Senn RS170, Senn PX200ii and in the drop for the HD6xx. Waiting on a Magni3 too,dammit!

    Primary rig is B&K Pro10 MC Sonata, B&K EX-442, H/K T60, Shure ML140HE, MD FT101, Onix CD-3, Tascam CD-RW900SL, Teac UD-H01, Creek OBH-11, Advent Legacy II's.
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  15. KarlWWend
    Hey everyone,

    New to this site but have read a couple threads here and decided to join after a Headphone meetup in Auckland, NZ.
    Into both Headphones and HiFi.

    Gear currently is LCD-3 rev 2 Pre-fazor > Perreaux SXH2 > Schiit Modi Multibit > (Optical S/PDIF)PC
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