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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. kasimodem
    Hi everyone,

    I'm new here and new to the world of the high quality audio.
    I hope to learn a lot with you.

    Cheers :wink:
  2. Chi-Fi Fan
    Finally I am here after many months of just visiting and reading this forum threads! And now I am ready to get closer to all of you friends and start sharing my thoughts about hi-fi products since I own a nice park of headphones and players already.:smile_phones:
  3. sasaki99
    After reading this website I officially become a fan. Looking for great reviews and also buy and sell community.
  4. dustmann
    I have been reading this website for awhile now, and after owning a pair of Grado SR80 and SR225s with an RA-1, I took the plunge on a recent HIFIman 560 sale. Now I own a Schiit stack in addition to all of the previous headphone equipment. I like to think my home theater setup holds it's own too, with a a b-stock SVS sub anchoring it I couldn't be happier!
  5. chinchillin24
    Hey all, Reddit r/headphones user transitioning to head-fi. Good to be here. Current working with:

    CA Vegas (via DFR)
    NFB-28.38 for my large cans

    Currently waiting to get my first pair of customs, going to try to jump big into the 64 audio A18t. Likely, I'll have to sell some of my existing cans to get them, but I guess that's the price I'll pay to reach CIEM nirvana.

    Anyway, nice to be here.
  6. mark44
    hi all, this is a good site,
    I'm curious to learn more and more about the hifi world

    My set:
    Ampli: Schiit Ragnarok
    DAC: Pioneer u05s
    Headphone: Denon ADH2000
  7. DoubleP
    Hi from Thailand.
    I very enjoy on this site to reach new knowledge, love to read product reviews and comparing
  8. docious
    After weeks of reading threads here I've decided to join. So much information, love it. Currently considering a Magni 3 for my first dedicated headphone amp. If only they would make enough!
  9. talmadge
    Welcome. Lots of good information here.
  10. DaniRojo
    I put my first comment without introducing myself and I'm sorry about that. I have been a music junkie since I couldn't even speak properly, thanks to my dad, and now I am trying to transmit this love for music to my 4 year old son. I like anything where guitars are involved and a little bit of electronic and film scores or classic. Peace!!
  11. buke9
    Welcome Chi-Fi Fan . Enjoy your stay and share what you have learned. So much stuff out there and no one can hear it all.
  12. Paco ignacio

    New member here.

    My set here is:

    Opus #1
    Yamaha Eph-100 (Currently looking for an upgrade).

    These forums are amazing.
  13. Absolute Zero
    Hi everyone! I've been watching the forum for quite a while, I subscribed some years ago and posted a message if I recall correctly but never got to introduce myself! I'm starting to get more and more interested into high quality headphones! Hoping I can improve my knowledge in this beautiful place!
  14. stephens107
    Hey all! I'm a long-time collector of tunes who is (still) trying to get a grasp on the myriad possibilities to get the sounds to my ears these days. Primarily listen through headphones, so hope I can learn a few things here and make wiser purchases equipment-wise.
  15. serman005
    Welcome aboard, @Souldriver!! Really sorry about your wallet... ---)
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