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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. Steveevo9
    Hi to all here at HF,

    I’m making my introductory post along with many other new folks here.

    I’ve used IEM’s for years mainly whilst riding my Harley on many long trips I made for work. These trips were usually 3-5 days from morning to late afternoon. I really needed some tunes as it’s very very quiet when it’s a solo trip with many hours to kill.
    Now though it’s been absolutely unreal riding a full bagger, the phone plays all your music through 2 front & 2 rear speakers. We’re pretty spoilt these days.

    I used large over ear headphones back in the late 70’s through to the mid 80’s. After that period I enjoyed loud music through normal 2 channel as I was in my early 20’s.

    Now I’m in my 50’s & I have wanted to buy some decent phones to listen to music later at night for some time. Thanks to this forum & it’s members I’ve been able to learn quite a lot. I’ve just ordered myself some LCD-2’s, I’m now looking into an HP amp & DAC. I’ve heaps of time up my sleeve to read about these throughout the forum.

    Thank you for such a wealth of knowledge that you all provide.

    Kind Regards

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  2. herrsmith
    I don't know if you already do, but you might want to consider earplugs. The wind noise over hours can easily damage hearing, let alone cranking up tunes to overcome that noise. I imagine that a full windscreen and fairing helps some (I'm a naked bike guy, myself), but I don't know if it fully solves the problem.
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  3. Steveevo9

    Thanks for the tip re ear plugs, a lot of my mates ride with them. They most certainly aid in the safety of ones hearing.

    My other Harley is naked, the wind noise & exhaust note is very loud with my open face. The IEM’s helped in a huge way, but; at the detriment of hearing degradation over time.

    The bagger has a front faring & screen which really makes riding without plugs or sound system on, very comfortable. I’m a retired soldier which spent my career in heavy weapons & their sound signature has already played a huge part in my rather average hearing now.

    Stay shiny side up mate.

    Regards Steve
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2018
  4. talmadge
    Definitely need ear plugs or iem’s on a motorcycle. wind noise over time will really affect your hearing. Been riding motorcycles and into music all my life.
  5. staticdynamo
    Hello, everybody. I'm new to the forums. From last year, I use Chord Hugo2 DAC, so I sometimes came to this site to watch
    Mr. Rob Watt's posts. From last year, I got some headphones (Stax SR-L700, Oppo PM-3) ,some amps (Stax SRM-007tA,
    Chord Mojo, Hugo2) , some DAPs (Astell&Kern AK Jr. KANN, SP1000) and some earphones (JH Audio Roxanne Ⅱ,
    AUDEZE LCDi4) . I want to have information about audio gears. I can get so little information about foreign gears in my country.
    I like to listen to music, but I don't have much knowledge about headphone audio.

    Thank you for reading.
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  6. talmadge
    Wow you have some nice equipment!
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  7. BunnyNamedCraig
    With that said, I am a huge advocate for using concert grade ear plugs when going to live venues. I realized how detrimental it can be to leave a concert practically deaf and with your ears ringing... Now that I use those special earplugs I hear the concert fine without sacrificing much.

    Nice of you to talk about the wind being a culprit for hearing loss when riding motorcycles. People might not realize how bad it is.
  8. herrsmith
    At shows, I have no problem rolling those little foamies. I got this giant box of them and am not even close to running out. Rock shows tend to sound like ass anyways (though most of the rock shows I've been to have sounded even worse as I've been on stage).
  9. BunnyNamedCraig
    the foams totally get the job done, but I was actually talking about ear plugs that are made for concerts. They are capable of cutting the decibels down and still try to preserve the sound coming in. the super ear hurting highs will just be a tamed a bit. They can be had for like $15-$30? I paid $30 and got 2 sets. To me for the money and how they sound ect they are a no brainer. mine came in a little aluminum carrying case that are on a ring on my keys. That way I don't have to even think about bringing them to a concert.

    @herrsmith what your doing is probably still better for your ears btw. Its really sad when you go to a concert and the sound isn't up to snuff because they think louder is better!
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 13, 2018
  10. lilililil
    Hello guys im new to the forum. Hope i learn a lot.
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  11. buke9
    Welcome and sure hope you learn a lot. The problem is that knowledge can cost ya ; )
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  12. Cloudbreaker1
    Hello there, Andrew here, I´m a big fan of budget earphones on Aliexpress. Greetings from El Salvador
  13. buke9
    There is athread for that so you will be fine.
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  14. SyCoREAPER
    New to forum, have a moderate audio knowledge but no expert. Own Sennheiser 595 (Beaters), Sennheiser 598 (Work cans), and AudioTechnica AD-ATH900 (Music Listening-Home). I have two entry level devices but they suit my needs, PA2V2 and Xonar U7 MKII.

    Feedback: Well this has been an unpleasant first 10 minutes on the forum. Joined, verified, signed in and nowhere, not even here could I post. "Insufficient Privileges" no matter where I went. Than I got a super-delayed intro PM and finally can post.
  15. BunnyNamedCraig
    sorry it was annoying at first... Seems like it bugged. Glad you can post now and welcome. I really like the Senn 598, but never had the chance to hear the 595 so not sure how close they are to each other. Do you prefer one over the other? I own a pair of HD600 (my gaming/listening/beater can) and I adore it.
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