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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. teremok
    Hi guys.what should i choose ?

    gamecom 789 ot koss gmr headset ?
  2. aWildSalmon

    New here, not new to audio!
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  3. milkypete
    thanks! That's my plan. I got tickets for both days, so I can take my time. :)
  4. baco99
    Hey all! New to the forum but not to HeadFi. Been following on Facebook for a while.

    Currently have a set of AKG 240 Monitors and Grado SR225i

    Mostly I make speakers, but looking to learn more about personal audio.
  5. JackaBoss
    Yo guys, friend of mine recommended this place and here I am.

    Trying to read most of the reviews on this site to get me a new pair of headphones.
  6. talmadge
    Good luck with your search!
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  7. macaltec
    Hi all,

    I am new to headphones but not not new to audio. Found this forum from my research into Schiit Audio.
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  8. cortex777

    I'm also new here but not new to headphones or audio. :)
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  9. Ziv123
    Google directed me to a result that concerned me about the following product:
    XMOS XU208 Asynchronous USB digital converter DSD Upgrade SITIME Crystal
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2018
  10. herrsmith
    New member (I'm pretty active on reddit), but very familiar with Head-Fi. I often end up here when starting research for new gear. I'm definitely an optimizer when it comes to that sort of thing, so I start with the broad net of guides, then move to reviews mostly to get an idea of the alternatives. After that, the real review reading starts. Finally, I actually try out the stuff and make a decision on what to buy. It's a lot of work, but it really helps me work through a lot of my upgrade-itis by just doing research. I'm currently rocking M40X at work, HD600 at home (OG Schiit Fulla and a Bravo Audio V2), and SE215s on the go. Headphones haven't really gotten the priority as much for me (motorcycles, travel, and food & drink, in that order), but I'm starting to get into it a bit more recently. Unfortunately, I recently visited an audio show and tried out the Utopia (it was right next to the other ones and I couldn't resist). I did a write-up for that audio show for reddit, so maybe I'll post the same here once I get let out of newbie jail (unless there's a general show write-up thread).
  11. BunnyNamedCraig
    English sounds great to me! Welcome aboard. Have fun @kVn. :beerchug:
    Wow, have a pair of SR80e and have tickets to CanJam London. You are in for a very fun time! I foresee you making a wishlist after you get back :wink:.
    I'm a big fan of Grado and it might be our oldest brand in the store actually... I wish they would be at CanJam's so I could listen to their TOTL models. We don't currently have any for demo in the store. That would be fun...

    Anyways VERY cool you make speakers! That a hobby of yours or profession if I may ask?
    Very cool. Keep searching on here, there is a lot to learn from other companies as well!
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  12. baco99
    Hi! Speaker building, and speakers in general, have been an obsession of mine for about 30 years. I finally took the dive to bring one of my designs to market and launched Holt Hill Audio and the Cionnsaile Monitor last Summer. I have a new smaller model, the Cleghan Compact Monitor, coming out next month. Future plans include a subwoofer, tower speaker, and hybrid integrated amp built in conjunction with an international manufacturer.

    For now all of my products are made in Massachusetts, USA.


    Here is a link to the web site: www.holthill.com
    And here is a link to our most recent review in Positive Feedback: https://positive-feedback.com/reviews/hardware-reviews/holt-hill-audio-cionnsaile-monitors/
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  13. pL9577
    Good afternoon everyone. I'm new to the forums, but have been "leaching" on your expertise for years (thank you!). I've had a pair of Sennheiser HD280 Pros since about 2004 (used to work in a cubicle and wanted the isolation). After going through 2 of the coiled cables, I recently modded a HD558 straight cable to fit the HD280s. In 2010 or so, I built a simple Cmoy with an OPA2227 op amp, 5.75X Gain. In 2012 or so, I bought a pair of Sennheiser HD558s. The highs are so much better with an open headphone, and I've had my own office since 2007). I also picked up an iBasso D-zero several years ago. I've been happy with the D-Zero/HD558 combo at work, but recently got the bug to "upgrade" again.

    Last month I picked up a pair of Beyer DT880s (600 ohm). I went with the 600 ohm over the 250 as I was mostly curious how necessary an amp would be. In all honesty, they sound great with my CMoy and with my D-zero, but I do have to crank the volume up quite a bit. I think I'd like to take my D-zero/HD558 setup home and get an amp/dac for the office, so I've started the process of researching.

    Thanks to everyone for your advice over the years which in part, led to my previous purchases.
  14. pij000
    Hello. This is my first post on this forum. My name is Piergiorgio and I live in Italy. I mainly listen to heavy metal but I also like classical music.

    I currently own
    Grado SR325e which sound really nice for metal but not so much for classical
    Koss PortaPro that I bought because everyone was talking about them and I also needed a headphone that was very small and comfortable
    Pioneer SE-4. I paid them 2,50 euro which is a ridicolously low price but the pads needs replacing
    TDK ST450, underrated 25 euro headphones, great for music and TV
    and homemade headphones using the shell of a white Sony MDR-V55 and a really nice sounding 40mm driver that I bought on Aliexpress for 20u.s.d.

    I'm only 17 so please excuse me for any mistakes that I may make when speaking English

    See you in the forum!
  15. Untoten
    Hello fellas, new member joined from Finland! I've been lurking on these forums for a while and now got in to this hobby first with superlux 681 EVO and now with modded M1060 headphones. I love music and movies, and Im also hometheater HiFi-enthusiastic. Cya!
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