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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. BlendedTwice
    So you're like Edward Norton in Fight Club?
  2. khaja
    hi! my is khaja and I am new in Head-fi org.
  3. MisterMudd
    Welcome to the club. Look forward to you sharing more information about your new project.
  4. Headwind2
    Greetings to All. I am an avid music listener in Maryland and have enjoying my SET-based stereo systems for years.  I became more serious about headphones only in recent time and finally purchased a pair of Sennheiser HD650.  I do have a pair of Audio-Technical M50s that I've been using (casually) for few years.  I've been lurking Head-Fi for few years, however, but just began to read some of the posts, hoping to find a suitable headphone amplifier for these headphones and for my music preference.  I've been looking at Glenn's amps and Feliks-Audio's Elise with great interest, and hopefully I will learn more about these amps along with other options and be able to make my purchase decision.  Thanks and best regards.
  5. BlendedTwice

    Hey man! MD represent! Good luck with the amp matching!
  6. Headwind2
    Thanks.  I will have many posts to go through and a lot to learn.
  7. sheldaze
    To all the MD peeps, definitely keep a look out in the meet threads.
    We had a lot of tube-based systems two weeks ago at a meet, and a fantastic speaker meet (using tube pre-amp and amp) yesterday.
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  8. BigDaddyNC
    Greetings to all!
    My name is Brandt and I am from Raleigh, NC.  I am a Software Engineer by trade with too many expensive hobbies.  By now, you can guess at least one of them.  Now set yourself down and let me share with you probably too much about myself.  (tongue pressed firmly in cheek)
    I am a self-taught musician starting in my teens (guitar, bass, drums) and have been in and out of rock bands since then, gigging occasionally.  This was ignited by my passion for listening to music, something I am glad to share with those of you here.  It is a passion that I think that I am passing on to my thirteen year-old son whose love for music has pushed him to learn how to play guitar -- without any pushing from me.  Parenting Win!
    Thirty-five-plus years in rock bands has no doubt compromised my hearing (especially on the high frequencies), but I still try to squeeze more detail, definition, and passion from the music that I listen to.  
    My first pair of semi-serious cans were my Sony MDR-7506's which I purchased to do some four-track recording and mixing.  I got them in the early nineties and they are still going strong.  I've replaced the ear pads multiple times, finally settling on some Beyer pads that won't flake off.  Their sound signature was pleasant enough to my ears, though I found that the treble frequencies left me a little beat up when engaged in general listening sessions -- but they did the job for mixing.  If the band is recording, they are the cans I will take when I help with the knob-twiddlin'.  
    As of now, I do most of my listening to music using my phone as a source as it is always with me.  When I originally ripped my CD collection ten-plus years ago, I ripped them at 128kbps wanting to squeeze as much music into my player as possible.  Since I only had an ancient pair of Sony earbuds and the garbage that came with my iPods and phones, I knew that I must upgrade.  So I got my grubbies on some Klipsch S4i's to use with my Android phone several years ago.  Immediate, massive improvement.  Compared to the Sony's I found them fat and thick through the upper-bass to lower midrange, though pleasantly so.  But alas, I found that extended listening sessions were irritating to my ear canals and the cord kept getting in my way when I would go out to exercise or do yard work.
    Most of my listening was still done at my desk at work and I knew I wanted better for the listening experience at the office.  So after wasting too much time researching and listening, I settled on a set of brown Sennheiser Momentum first-generation (barely) over-ears, purchased at a reasonable price just before the second generation hit the shelves.  Except for some mild irritation at the ear cup size, I grew to like their slightly bassy character without smothering the midrange and the gentle rolling off of the highs to ease my fatigue.  I admit that I love they way that they look and totally dig the opulence of the leather ear pads.  The Momentums suit me well as I favor rock of the classic and metal variety, with a special love for the band Rush.  This of course, forced my to re-rip most of my collection at 320kbps to better realize the capabilities of the Momentums.
    Some time after, I picked up some Jaybird Bluebuds X2's to go wireless for yard work, exercise, and talking on the phone, limiting the S4i's to traveling when I needed to go ultra-compact -- particularly effective on YMCA outings with my son when I needed to filter out the other fathers with chainsaw snores.
    But of course I Wanted More from my music (we wouldn't be here if we didn't, right?).  So I started my search for the next evolution in cans to try and squeeze even more out of my music.  Like many of us, I researched...I agonized...I soul-searched.  What would I want next?  What would satisfy my wish for the next level in audio quality?  I realized that they would probably have to be open cans, and I would also have to amplify them not to mention get a DAC to better handle the digital/analog conversion.  I don't have thousands of dollars to invest in a super high-end system, so my focus was on Bang for the Buck.
    Without torturing you poor souls too much, I decided to go with Sennheiser HD600's.  The final decision was made when I saw that the Schiit Audio Fulla 2 could serve as a DAC/Amp for my desktop at work, but also act as a standalone DAC that I could amplify otherwise!  I knew then that I could work better within my budget and make sure that I got enough power from an amp to make sure those HD600's would be able to sing. Otherwise, I wasn't sure that I could work within my budget and be able to give the HD600's enough power to wake them up.
    Now being a guitar/bass player I wanted to putz around with tubes.  I prefer their sound when making my own music, so I wanted to start with at least a hybrid to start getting that "tube flavor" in my listening music.  As a result, I decided upon a Bravo Audio V2 that I could run off of the Fulla 2, almost immediately switching out the stock tube for a Daystrom Nichimen 12AU7.  I have a few more tubes on order to swap out to see which of these will best suit my preferences.
    Of course to realize the potential gains in SQ, I have re-ripped yet again some of my favorites in a lossless format which I have just started listening to.  I got my Fulla 2 DAC/amp last week and was disappointed to find that it would not work with my iPhone 7.  A quick note to our friends to Schiit Audio elicited a near-immediate response that should put a replacement unit in my hands in a few days so that I may use my phone as a source.
    Having said all of this, I don't claim to have the discerning ears that some of you gentle readers may have, so I look very much forward to your observations and descriptions so that I may be guided to the sorts of things to listen for to get the fullest enjoyment from my rig.
    Confessions time:  Last week when my HD600's arrived, I tried to do some A/B listening between them and my Momentums.  After listening to several genres out of my phone with the HD600's out of the Bravo Audio V2 (the Fulla 2 had not yet arrived) and my Momentums straight from the phone (as they are intended to be), I was very hard-pressed to sense the differences.  Having said that, I know that I hadn't yet properly broken in the tube in the amp or the new cans...and the differences were smaller than I had expected.
    What I did find is that HD600's always gave me a greater sense of spaciousness (yes, I know...soundstage) between the instruments, especially in classical and jazz.  I look forward to the time I will have in the next two weeks as the amp and cans are run through their paces and I can further make comparisons between the sets of cans to try and better quantify the difference and admittedly justify to myself that I did the Right Thing.
    I have a lot more listening to do (I like having that sort of problem) and I hope to share some of that with the group at large.  More so, I hope to absorb the collective knowledge here to better appreciate the blend of art and technical that brings us such enjoyment in our listening to music.
    So again, greetings!  
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  9. Forstik
    Hello everyone! Head-Fi wannabe here :) I don't own any true headphones, I am almost deaf, I am a bass freak and I have no understanding for people blowing thousands of dollars on hi-fi stuff they are physically unable to aprreciate. I have only a single pair of Allen & Heath Xone XD-53s I use around clubs. I treat them like kettle. Half of you would probably die watching me trowing them around. I also produce EDM music. I joined Head-Fi because I want to absorb information and purchase my very first pair of true headphones. Forstik out!
  10. BigDaddyNC

    MD represent, indeed!  Grew up in Maryland myself, went to the University of Maryland in College Park...though I have lived in Raleigh for the last 20 years.
  11. Cameraman
    Hi, new forum member from the PNW. 
    Just built a new PC based on the ASUS ROG RAMPAGE V EDITION 10 LGA2011  Motherboard.
    My PC build has pretty good sound but I picked up an Oppo HA-1 anyway. If I build a dedicated two-channel listening system I will likely re-purpose the HA-1.
    I have Oppo PM-2's to use at home and Bose 
    QuietComfort 35 headphones when traveling/flying.​
    PC Speakers are Emotiva A​
    irmotiv 5s. Subwoofer is an Infinity TSS-Sub4000. I am currently using a Bryston 10B Sub active crossover for the low pass high / pass crossover. I will move the crossover to a dedicated stereo system if or when I decide to put one together but it was just sitting in storage so figured I hook it up.
    This is my office, not my main listening room but I work from a home office and spend a lot of time there when not traveling.
  12. Headwind2

    Thanks for the heads-up for those exciting events.  I haven't attended any event like that living in Maryland.  On the other hand, it was an exciting time for music and audio when I lived in Chicago (and had Lowther America in my neighborhood), prior to moving to Maryland.  I look forward to discover the enjoyment of head-fi and having opportunity for attending meets.  
  13. DarioKreutzer
    Hello everyone, 
    I am Dario and I'm not an audiophile... Yet!
    I'm starting to move my first steps in this fascinating world and I'm glad I've discovered this forum, it seems just like what I need.  
  14. concord72
    Complete n00b here, got into the headphone game a few months ago, still learning new things every day. Currently rocking the Superlux 681 (with pleather HM5 pads), VE Monks, and the Fiio EM3, with a FX Audio DAC-X6. Hope to be getting to know some of you better in the coming weeks!
  15. moosefet
    I pretty much just signed up to share my starving student hybrid headphone amp build but I have to make a few posts before I can post images of it. How many posts do I need to make before I can?
    I live in tasmania and I build tube guitar amps and pedals, I'm only just getting into building hi-fi gear.
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