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New member intro thread

  1. jmikhailAuD
    Hi there,

    My name is Dr. Jonathan Mikhail. I’m a clinical research audiologist and musician, and am obsessed with the best sound possible through in-ear monitors. I have 16 different pairs from manufacturers all over the world. I’m hoping to add some musical experience as well as scientific meaning behind the IEM’s we’re all using, as well as IEM’s that might be outrageously expensive.

    In my clinic we do all of our own frequency response testing, endurance testing, etc. While I own 16 pairs of IEM’s, we’ve tested many more to find and prove what brands tend to work the best and last the longest. Im constantly looking to add to my collection and find what truly is the closest product to perfection.

    I’m so excited to be a part of this forum and to learn as much as I can about IEM’s and other headphones in the future! Thanks!
  2. serman005
    Welcome aboard, Doc!! That is an impressive collection of IEM's you must have. Happy to have you here on Head-fi! Enjoy yourself!

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